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IGI Global Continues to Broaden the Scope for Classrooms

By Sharlene Oong on May 7, 2019

Finding suitable resources for courses has always been a challenge for college and university professors. Vetting materials that fit their course criteria and their institution’s guidelines, as well as ensuring it is made affordable for students is a laborious, time consuming process. However, with the increasing responsibility of these faculty members between teaching and instructing students, personal research, campus involvement, and more, professors are faced with tight time constraints while trying to select the best possible publication for their course.

As explained in a The Scientist article on how professors select titles, “Approaches range from an individual professor's quick "flip-test," giving each contender a five-minute perusal, to committees or entire departments that meticulously evaluate each of a few front-runners. Some harried professors fantasize each semester about tossing the books down a flight of stairs and choosing the one that lands first.”


IGI Global, a leading international academic publisher, is committed to disseminating the most pioneering research that enhances and expands research discoveries and the academic community. As such, IGI Global offers a robust course adoption program for professors looking to include the timeliest, peer-reviewed research into their classroom. Through this program, industry-leading research is provided to graduate classrooms at a fraction of the price to ensure that educators can expand the scope of knowledge in their courses. IGI Global’s Course Adoption provides:

  • Flexible Examination Periods: When considering an IGI Global title for course adoption for a class, professors can request a complimentary electronic exam copy through IGI Global’s Marketing Department. Professors can submit their requests to

  • Personalized Assistance: Professors who would like to adopt a publication into their course can reach out to the Marketing Department. IGI Global provides a team of marketing professionals who will assist you in selecting the suitable publications for your course. Contact the team here.

  • Exclusive Discounts: As the most updated, innovative and emerging research comes at a high cost, instructors will be able to receive an exclusive discount for their students, upon contact with the Marketing Department. This discount will be applicable through direct purchase of the publications in electronic and print format from the IGI Global Online Bookstore. Additionally, all of the chapters within our reference books are available for purchase through IGI Global’s OnDemand feature for as low as US$ 30.

  • Complimentary Desk Copy: Once (10) ten copies have been sold through a course adoption, the instructor will receive a free desk copy. This is to ensure that the instructors have the resources they need to facilitate their course.

  • Variety of Formats: All of IGI Global’s resources are available in print and electronic format, ensuring that the publications are easily accessible. The publications available for course adoption also range in overall length and include our Authored References, Edited References, Case Books, and Research Insights.

Find below notable IGI Global publications that have been successfully utilized for course adoption:

Additionally, IGI Global’s course adoption program can also be integrated into corporate and business settings. One of IGI Global’s notable multi-volume reference publications, Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine, edited by Robert B. Kerstein, DMD, a former clinical professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, USA & Private Dental Practice Limited to Prosthodontics and Computerized Occlusal Analysis, USA, is being utilized by Tekscan®, a high-technology company focused on creating sensor technology, data acquisition electronics, and software, in their professional development and technology review courses and certifications.

As a result of this collaboration, IGI Global has worked with Tekscan, Inc., to provide the latest research in their field and patented technology to discuss how to use T-Scan in conjunction with TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to balance an anatomical orthotic, benefitting the wider orthodontic network.

For more information about our Course Adoption Program, visit our webpage, or contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at
Newsroom Contact
Caroline Campbell
Marketing Manager
(717) 533-8845, ext. 144

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