Dr. Edrick Dorian from the Los Angeles Police Department receives 2018 Leadership Award in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology

IGI Global Editor Granted Police Psychology Leadership Award by International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

By Sharlene Oong on Nov 14, 2018

Hershey, PA, November 14, 2018- Recently, Dr. Edrick H. Dorian, a police psychologist with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and co-editor of the IGI Global publication, Police Psychology and Its Growing Impact on Modern Law Enforcement, was the recipient of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Award in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology, on October 9, at the 2018 Annual IACP Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The IACP Leadership in the Field of Police and Public Safety Award provides “recognition of significant contributions towards supporting law enforcement and advancing the field of police psychology. This recognition is designed to foster efforts towards continuing to advance the mission of the field of Police Psychology as a whole.”

As a police psychologist for the LAPD, Dr. Dorian provides assessments, clinical services, training, and operational support to officers and command staff. He plays an important role as a consultant for the SWAT Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) and specializes in working with veterans, as well as helping officers prepare for civil litigation. Dr. Dorian continues to show leadership by sharing his knowledge at professional conferences and other agencies on the psychological principles of crisis negotiations, the readjustment of military combat veterans to law enforcement careers, the provision of psychological mutual aid after the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers, improving the well-being of the Department of Homeland Security law enforcement workforce, and de-escalation strategies for officers dealing with person in crisis. In addition to his years of service in police psychology, he co-edited one of IGI Global's best-selling publications, Police Psychology and Its Growing Impact on Modern Law Enforcement with Dr. Cary Mitchell, from Pepperdine University, which is available in print and electronic format on the IGI Global Online Bookstore.

This publication emphasizes key elements of police psychology, as it relates to current issues and challenges in law enforcement and police agencies. Dr. Dorian and Dr. Mitchell, focus on topics relevant to the assessment and evaluation of applicants and incumbent officers, clinical intervention and prevention, employee wellness and support, operational consultation, and emerging trends and developments. The edited publication serves as a key resource for practicing police psychologists, researchers, graduate-level students, and law enforcement executives in the police science field, as it covers other academic areas within the police psychology field such as critical incidents and psychological services, health and wellness programs, law enforcement officer suicide, military to law enforcement career transition, and more.

"The most interesting aspect of serving as a police psychologist in today’s law enforcement climate is how far agencies have come in embracing the contributions of the police psychologist. From the role that was once described as a “rare bird” in law enforcement, police psychology has evolved to include hundreds of psychologists throughout the world, providing consultation in multiple domains, to help law enforcement agencies in their missions to protect and serve their communities," stated Dr. Dorian on his recent publication.

For Dr. Dorian, the IACP award recognition is a milestone achievement, as the IACP has a long reputation for providing top-notch education on the most pressing law enforcement topics of the day and focused on shaping the future of the policing profession. Through this accomplishment and his publication, IGI Global would like to congratulate Dr. Dorian on his recognition and this achievement. Additionally, a sincere thank you to him and Dr. Mitchell for publishing such a significant body of research. IGI Global wishes them the best and looks forward to future collaborations.
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About the IACP: The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders. With more than 30,000 members in 150 countries, the IACP is a recognized leader in global policing. Since 1893, the association has been speaking out on behalf of law enforcement and advancing leadership and professionalism in policing worldwide. The IACP is known for its commitment to shaping the future of the police profession. Through timely research, programming, and unparalleled training opportunities, the IACP is preparing current and emerging police leaders—and the agencies and communities they serve—to succeed in addressing the most pressing issues, threats, and challenges of the day. For more information about the IACP, visit:

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