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IGI Global Introduces the K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection

By IGI Global on Jun 1, 2020

In response to nearly 1.5 billion students being shifted to online-only education environments and the challenges K-12 educators are facing with this “new norm” of education, IGI Global is introducing a new K-12 Online Learning Education E-Book Collection, which features 285+ of our highly demanded titles that have been contributed and utilized by prestigious institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Tsinghua University, and more.

“Traditionally, online learning has been attributed to higher education institutions where online programs have become normal and effective in the past few years. Catering to adults, the implementation of this teaching style has not faced the same challenges that transitioning to online learning in K-12 settings has wrought,” explains Ms. Melissa Wagner, Editorial Director of IGI Global. “This collection was put together to address the specific needs of K-12 educators and outlines the best practices, strategies, and techniques that can guide teachers and school leaders to develop effective online learning experiences for their students.”

As a scientific research publisher of education for over 30 years and as an active participant in the American Education Research Association, IGI Global has been one of the most sought-after publishers in the education technology space, due to the creditability of our research, which is backed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). To discuss the trends within the K-12 education space, leading IGI Global editors recently provided their insights on this collection and the future of online education during the K-12 Online Learning Seminar that featured this K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection.

Featuring Insights From Leading Educational Experts:

This e-book collection features all of the above editors research and thousands of other international perspectives on this topic, making it an ideal resource for K-12 institutions, public libraries, educators, deans, special education programs, education consultants, school administrators, researchers, course developers, and education professionals. To ensure that institutions and educators are able to easily acquire and access this e-book collection, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, IGI Global is offering an exclusive introductory price of US$ 1,950 975 (average cost per title US$ 4).

Additional Features of This E-Book Collection:

  • Contains 285 peer-reviewed reference books covering timely topics, including fostering engagement in virtual classrooms; facilitating digital skills; establishing culturally responsive, accessible, and inclusive online environments; and transitioning resources and teaching materials to digital formats.

  • Each publication is produced through a quality-centric, expedite, double-blind peer review publishing process (as IGI Global is a full member of COPE).

  • Contributed by leading, international professors, deans, educators, childhood development specialists, administrators, principals, special education teachers, and related experts within the field.

  • Features resources that have been utilized by prestigious institutions and contributed by world-renowned scholars from Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, Columbia University, University of Cambridge, Peking University, and more.

  • Includes hand-selected titles from our expert Editorial Team on the latest developments within online education, special education, pedagogy, and related topics.

  • Hosted on the InfoSci® platform, which enables easy integration through IP authentication or library systems.

For more information or to trial this collection, contact IGI Global’s Database Team at or visit the product webpage here.

. Interested in publishing with IGI Global on the topic of K-12 online learning? Please contact Melissa Wagner, Managing Editor of Acquisitions at

Titles Featured in IGI Global’s K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection Include:

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Exploring Online Learning Through Synchronous and Asynchronous Instructional Methods
Prof. Cynthia Mary Sistek-Chandler (National University, USA)

Copyright: © 2020| Pages: 333| ISBN: 9781799816225| EISBN: 9781799816249

This publication is an essential scholarly book that provides relevant and detailed research on the applications of synchronous and asynchronous instructional pedagogies and discusses why they are critical to the design and implementation of contemporary online courses.

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Handbook of Research on Virtual Training and Mentoring of Online Instructors
Prof. Jared Keengwe (University of North Dakota, USA)

Copyright: © 2019| Pages: 511| ISBN: 9781522563228| EISBN: 9781522563235

This scholarly publication is a critical scholarly resource that highlights the issues, challenges, and online engagement experiences to enhance effective teaching and learning in this learning environment. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as media literacy, professional development, and virtual learning environments, this book is geared towards educational administrators, educators, and instructional designers interested in quality online instruction.

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Handbook of Research on Diverse Teaching Strategies for the Technology-Rich Classroom
Profs. Lawrence A. Tomei (Robert Morris University, USA) and David D. Carbonara (Duquesne University, USA)

Copyright: © 2020 | Pages: 426| ISBN: 9781799802389| EISBN: 9781799802402

This scholarly publication is an essential research publication that explores diverse teaching strategies and their applications to enhance and improve the design of curricula, the development of materials, and the assessment of students’ knowledge and skills. Featuring a wide range of topics such as distance learning, social media, and management education, this book is ideal for educators, principals, academicians, curriculum designers, administrators, and researchers.

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Handbook of Research on Emerging Practices and Methods for K-12 Online and Blended Learning
Profs. Tina Lane Heafner (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA), Richard Hartshorne (University of Central Florida, USA) and Richard Thripp (University of Central Florida, USA)

Copyright: © 2019| Pages: 608| ISBN: 9781522580096| EISBN: 9781522580102

This scholarly publication is a collection of innovative research on the applications of technology in online and blended learning environments in order to develop quality courses, explore how content is delivered across disciplines and settings, and support the formation of relationships and enrichment opportunities. While highlighting topics including learning initiatives, institutional policies, and program structures, this book is ideally designed for teachers, principals, early childhood development centers, university faculty, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

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