IGI Global Launches New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion e-Book Collection

By IGI Global on Aug 5, 2021
IGI Global, an international academic publisher, launched a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion e-Book Collection, which features 320+ e-books that cover extremely timely topics, including accessibility, gender and identity, culture and race, religion, human resources, civic engagement, and more. This e-Book Collection enables libraries to acquire titles easily and affordably on DEI to support this historic movement.
“The inspiration behind this DEI e-Book Collection is to truly support libraries and their patrons in embracing this historical movement, enhance awareness of DEI, and encourage scholarly discourse on these topics,” explains Mr. Nick Newcomer, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales. “But you will see that IGI Global’s focus on DEI goes deeper than simply providing resources in this area. We are an academic publisher that was founded on these ideas and through this collection we not only want to provide wide accessibility to these resources but to open a dialogue with our library customers on how we can support DEI and call for industry-wide change on the standards that are hindering DEI’s progression.”
Through this mindset, the academic publisher is also collaborating with libraries around the world on transformative OA Read & Publish and Publish & Read models that support DEI through provide flexible OA funding for underrepresented and underfunded researchers to expand the benefits OA to all institutions. Additionally, they have:
  • Collaborated with over 150,000+ academicians and researchers from 200+ countries with 40% of our contributors coming from non-Western countries. This includes 215+ journal editors (25% hailing from non-western countries) and establishing a network of 15,000+ reviewers from 140+ countries.
  • Ensured that all their publications undergo a strict double-blind peer review process, with full anonymity of contributors’ and reviewers’ identities and demographic information including race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical location, etc. with the focus of the evaluation solely based on the quality and merit of the research content.
  • Established direct regional representation and a vast network of 220+ international distributors and partners to ensure that all communities are supported.
  • Provided their authors, editors, contributors, and reviewers of all stages in their career (senior researchers and also early-career researchers) with resources to help increase international collaborations and overcome cultural barriers, as well as offered enhanced services to English-as-a-second-language researchers (including copy editing, scientific and scholarly review, and more).
  • Established a truly diverse staff in their headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania with strong gender diversity among our senior leadership, and individual employees coming from various ethnic backgrounds.
  • View IGI Global’s Full Stance on DEI >
“It is important to discuss the true industry standards that are holding us back from embracing this historical movement. Unfortunately, there are millions of academicians and researchers fighting an uphill battle for equality, representation, and recognition. As a publisher that has historically provided publishing opportunities and resources to developing nations, we have received criticism for the quality of our content, due to the bias and discrimination that is occurring in academia. We want to educate the academic community of these barriers and bring to light the deep chasm of inequality in the industry. Through a deeper understanding coupled with our direct collaboration, we can ensure that DEI is truly embraced, practiced, and understood.”

- Lindsay Wertman, Managing Director
In addition to this DEI e-Book Collection, IGI Global also offers full e-Book and e-Journal Collections. These e-Collections provide truly diverse research perspectives which span 11 subject areas, including business, computer science, education, science and engineering, and more.
“It is important to not only support and recognize those in the industry that are touting their commitment (especially those that have always historically supported this movement), but also to maintain an awareness of those who might be simply aiming to profiteer from this movement as they pose a threat to actual real long-term solutions being enacted,” said Mr. Nick Newcomer. “Through your direct support and collaboration, we are not only able to increase publishing international research but can also continue to aid the library and researcher community in this mission.”
For more information on IGI Global’s DEI e-Book Collection, Read & Publish models, or to further discuss library and collaboration in support of DEI, contact IGI Global’s e-Collection Team at eresources@igi-global.com, and visit the DEI e-Book Collection webpage. Additionally, view their full analysis and stance on DEI in the academic industry, in the article here.
About IGI Global
Founded in 1988, IGI Global, an international academic publisher, is committed to producing the highest quality research (as an active full member of the Committee on Publication Ethics “COPE”) and ensuring the timely dissemination of innovative research findings through an expeditious and technologically advanced publishing process. Through their commitment to supporting the research community ahead of profitability, and taking a chance on virtually untapped topic coverage, IGI Global has been able to collaborate with over 100,000+ researchers from some of the most prominent research institutions around the world to publish the most emerging, peer-reviewed research across 350+ topics in 11 subject areas including business, computer science, education, engineering, social sciences, and more. To learn more about IGI Global, click here.
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