IGI Global Partners with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (China) to Launch New Platinum Open Access Medical Journal

By IGI Global on May 3, 2022
Academic publisher IGI Global and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangzhou, China are partnering to launch a new peer-reviewed platinum (fully funded) open access journal, Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD) – This innovative journal aims to present peer-reviewed, clinical, and scientific research on the identification, prevention, control, and treatment of glucolipid metabolic diseases (GLMD).
The publishing partnership between IGI Global and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University was developed as a result of coordination between IGI Global’s headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania and IGI Global’s subsidiary operation in Beijing, China, “IGI Science and Technology, Ltd.” led by Managing Director Ms. Yvonne Li.
Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD) will be published as Platinum Open Access, meaning accepted authors are not required to pay article processing charges (APC) and will receive Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensing. With this, authors retain the copyright to their published research making it possible to share their published findings easily and without restrictions. This is beneficial for earning impact, as well as enhancing the GLMD research community, as it dismantles barriers, such as lack of resources or budgetary constraints, that prevent the expansion of knowledge in this subject area.
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“Metabolic diseases create tremendous risk factors for some of the most common and deadly conditions. It’s incredibly important to our organization to support research dissemination that can aid in more effectively preventing and treating such diseases and accelerate critical medical advancements. We are so pleased to be supporting in these initiatives by partnering with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University as we endeavor to expand the research findings in this area.” – Lindsay Wertman, President of IGI Global
The founding Editor-in-Chief will be Dr. Jiao Guo, an academic and professor at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University with an extensive portfolio of published research related to metabolic diseases, and it is IGI Global’s intent to appoint a supporting Executive Editor within the journal’s first year.
GMD is currently inviting highly qualified individuals to submit papers for consideration, guest edit a special issue, or join the editorial review board.
Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD) seeks to share the latest quality research encompassing all aspects of glucolipid metabolic diseases, such as Gaucher disease and Tay-Sachs disease. As an international journal with global contributions and reach, it aims to blend Eastern and Western perspectives and practices to determine the best prevention and control methods for these types of disorders. In order to combat the rise of glucolipid metabolic diseases (GLMD), alternative medicine and mainstream practices can be blended to achieve equitable health solutions and tout the highest form of inclusive medicine. Via this global collaboration, the journal aims to become the premier forum to solve GLMD across all countries and demographics. The journal will operate on a continuous publication frequency, starting its release of content in early 2023.
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