Congratulations to Editors Dr. Gregory F. Malveaux and Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby

IGI Global Publication Wins 2020 CIES Study Abroad and International Students SIG Best Book Award

By Brittany Haynes on Mar 19, 2020


Hershey, PA—March 18, 2020—The IGI Global publication Study Abroad Opportunities for Community College Students and Strategies for Global Learning, edited by Dr. Gregory F. Malveaux, from  Montgomery College, USA, and Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby, from California State University Northridge, USA, was recently selected as the second place winner for the 2020 CIES Study Abroad and International Students SIG Best Book in Higher Education Award.

“This is the first book on community college education abroad and the chapters showcase education abroad at rural community colleges, within technical and career programs, and for racially and economically diverse students. Empirical and case studies reflect on the changing field and inform on important issues such as access, diversity, engagement, and assessment,” stated Dr. Rosalind Latiner Raby. “Most importantly, the book dismantles the claims that education abroad is underutilized at community colleges.”

For consideration, the publications being considered for this award are required to be written in English and peer-reviewed to ensure the utmost quality of the titles being considered.  Additionally, nominated titles must provide a unique contribution to developing scholarship in the field of international and comparative education and should show originality and rigor. These qualifications as well as others were essential to this publication being honored.

Study Abroad Opportunities for Community College Students and Strategies for Global Learning provides innovative insights into international study and education abroad through community colleges, while discussing the value of adding study abroad programs to two-year institutions. This publication examines community colleges’ contributions in a local society, study abroad opportunities, peacebuilding, international education, and risk management. This award was selected based on the quality and depth of the publication.

“Together, the various chapters provide a framework for understanding international education at community colleges by offering perspectives on the strengths, opportunities, and challenges within these institutions,” stated Dr. Gregory F. Malveaux. “The authors provide strategic analyses that will be useful for community college administrators and faculty seeking to define and develop education abroad for their institutions, and for those who are assessing current practices; this is a first of its kind and will serve as an important resource to help more community colleges to internationalize.”

This is the second IGI Global publication to receive recognition for an award from CEIS. In 2018, Campus Support Services, Programs, and Policies for International Students, by Dr. Krishna Bista, Morgan State University, USA, and Dr. Charlotte Foster, Missouri Western State University, USA, won the Comparative and International Education Society HE-SIG’s Book of the Year Award.

Available in print and electronic format, Study Abroad Opportunities for Community College Students and Strategies for Global Learning can be ordered with an automatic 20% discount off the list price when purchasing the publication directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. Additionally, this publication is available across preferred providers such as GOBI Library Solutions, EBSCOHost, Oasis, and Ebook Central (Note: The automatic 20% discount is only available through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore), as well as IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books (5,300+ e-books) database.

Visit the publication’s webpage to order, or contact Customer Service at or 717-533-8845 ext. 100 with questions. For researchers, be sure to recommend this publication or the InfoSci-Books database to your library to have access to this critical content.

IGI Global would like to congratulate the editors and authors of this publication for their scholarly contributions and lasting impact on their field of research.

About the Editors

Gregory F. Malveaux, Ph.D., is a Professor of English and Literature, and Coordinator of Study Abroad at Montgomery College. He has been a study abroad coordinator and international education director in higher education for nearly two decades. Dr. Malveaux is the co-Chairperson of the Maryland Community College International Education Consortium and serves on the board for the College Consortium for International Studies. In addition, he is an accomplished writer and editor; his most recent work being Look Before Leaping: Risks, Liabilities, and Repair of Study Abroad in Higher Education (Rowman & Littlefield). He has traversed more than sixty countries and has led student, faculty and community-based study abroad programs to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, and Europe. His passion to be a global citizen led him to pursue overseas studies in Africa, teach ESOL throughout Southeast Asia, Chair the English and U.S. Business Department at Nation University in Thailand, and serve as a study abroad specialist in American higher education.
Rosalind Latiner Raby, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer at California State University, Northridge in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department of the College of Education and is an affiliate faculty for the ELPS Ed.D. Community College program. She also serves as the Director of California Colleges for International Education, a non-profit consortium whose membership includes ninety-one California community colleges. Dr. Raby is the past-NAFSA Education Abroad Knowledge Community College chair for NAFSA, and the past-NAFSA Region XII Community College Coordinator. Dr. Raby received her Ph.D. in the field of Comparative and International Education from UCLA and since 1984, has worked with community college faculty and administrators to help them internationalize their campuses. Dr. Raby has been publishing in the field of community college internationalization since 1985. Her latest books on community college internationalization are International Education at Community Colleges: Themes, Practices, and Case Studies (Palgrave) and Handbook on Comparative Issues of Community Colleges and Global Counterparts. (Springer).

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