The Importance of Accurate Affiliations

By IGI Global Open Access Division on Apr 26, 2022
hand writing laptop Whether serving on a review board for an academic publication or contributing to that publication as an author, it is of the utmost importance that any academic or professional affiliation that is tied to your published work and/or review activities be as accurate as possible – this includes ensuring that it is up-to-date, complete, and consistent. In the world of academia, affiliations can change year by year, or even by semester.
At any point that an affiliation changes, the individual should take the necessary steps to remedy their affiliation to what is current. Certain predicaments may come to light if affiliations are not updated as quickly and/or as often as they should be, some of which can be seen below.
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Common Issues With Affiliations:
  • Missing Country
  • Abbreviated Affiliation
  • Affiliation Listing Does Not Align With the Official Name of the Institution
  • Misspellings
  • Affiliation is Not Current
  • Dual Affiliations Not Listed Correctly
  • Branch Campuses Are Not Properly Specified
Consequences of Not Having an Updated, Consistent, Accurate, or Complete Affiliation:
  • Inability to secure funding for publication from university/institution if affiliation is not correct
  • Delayed publication times
  • Publication could suffer possible rejections from prominent indices for containing incorrect affiliations
    • Could also compromise further indexing potential
  • Communication mix ups/missing communications with incorrect affiliation email addresses
Although IGI Global will conduct frequent audits of the review boards serving on many of its publications as a measure to ensure that the affiliations present are up to date, it is ultimately up to the review board members and the leaders of the publication to ensure their information is accurate and complete. For authors, it may occur that an affiliation changes from the point of submission to the point of publication. In that case, it is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that they are updating their affiliation as soon as possible to avoid any hold ups in the publication process. If work has been published and an affiliation change occurs after, the affiliation at the time the research and writing occurred would be retained as there would not be an after-print revision done to update the affiliation.
Updating Your Affiliation Information
There are two ways that you can manage your affiliation information with IGI Global, one is on a project level and the other is through your IGI Global account (in your online portal). When submitting a manuscript for consideration or applying to join a review board, you will be asked to provide your affiliation information as part of the submission or application process. This information will then be captured and tied to the publication. Should you need to update this information while the project is active, you can either revisit your submission entry to update your information or contact the editor of the publication or the development team at IGI Global (Journals – or Books – Updating your information in your online portal is easy. When on the IGI Global website (, select “Login/Create Account” in the upper right-hand corner. Either create an account (if one has not been started already) or use your login credentials to log in. Once logged in, you will observe your name populating where it had previously said “Login/Create Account”, and then you can select “My IGI Global Portal” from the dropdown menu. Once in your portal, you can go to “Account Maintenance” and select “Your Information”, where you may update your affiliation information by selecting the “Edit” option.
ORCID iDAnother great way to ensure that consistent identification is tied to your work is through ORCID iD, IGI Global makes it easy for researchers to connect their ORCID iD to their IGI Global publishing activities.
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