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Introducing the World's Biggest Ship: No Propulsion System, No Problem

By IGI Global on Dec 11, 2013
Contributed by Nathan Laird, Discipline Manager

Marine Technology and Sustainable Development: Green Innovations The hull of the biggest ship, which is longer than the Empire State Building is tall, is in the water for the first time in South Korea. The Shell vessel, Prelude, will be moved off the coast Australia, where it will operate for 25 years for the production of natural gas. This ship is not a ship in the traditional sense. It has no propulsion system and has to be towed to its location. However that does not mean that it is not an innovative solution. It will be placed in what is called “Cyclone Alley” off of the north coast of Australia and is built to withstand category-five cyclones, 185mph (300km/h) gusts and 65ft (20m) tall waves. Shell believes that this could be the first of several of this type of vessel.

Shell has come up with an innovative solution in a volatile location with no pipeline to utilize minimal fixed infrastructure and achieve the same goal. As these resources are becoming scarcer and more difficult to obtain, innovation and sustainability need to be at the forefront to utilize them.

The title, Marine Technology and Sustainable Development: Green Innovations, edited by Oladokun Sulaiman Olanrewaju (University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia), Abdul Hamid Saharuddin (University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia), Ab Saman Ab Kader (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia), and Wan Mohd Norsani Wan Nik (University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia), examines theoretical frameworks and empirical research in the maritime industry, evaluating new technologies, methodologies, and practices against a backdrop of sustainability.

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To learn more about Shell Prelude check out the BBC new Articles: Shell's record-breaking Prelude takes to the water and The gas platform that will be the world's biggest 'ship'.
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