Dr. Linda Ellington receives the Outstanding Scholars Award due to her remarkable contributions to the academic community

Dr. Linda Ellington Receives the Outstanding Scholars Award

By IGI Global on Sep 8, 2017

In honor of Dr. Patricia Cranton's exemplary contributions and remarkable achievements in research, IGI Global is pleased to offer the Outstanding Scholars Program Article Series in her honor. The Outstanding Scholars Program recognizes editors and authors of outstanding merit, encouraging discoverability and connecting researchers with the greater global community. Like Dr. Cranton, these scholars are the driving force behind modern academic inquiry and research innovation. By recognizing these individuals for their commendable work and effort, IGI Global seeks to continue in its mission of disseminating knowledge to the worldwide academic community.

As the last feature of this Outstanding Scholars Program Article series, Dr. Linda Ellington holds her Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University and she has held positions at IBM Corporation and Palm Beach Atlantic University. Currently, she serves as a faculty member of Southern New Hampshire University and teaches in their online business program.

Alongside her dedication to academia and her role as a contribution author in IGI Global publications, including and not limited to Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management, Medical Education and Ethics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Handbook of Research on Learning Outcomes and Opportunities in the Digital Age and International Education and the Next-Generation Workforce: Competition in the Global Economy, Ellington is a children’s book author.

Tell us about yourself. How did you become involved with IGI Global?

I am a leader in adult education and a learner influenced by generations of scholars not only in North America but also internationally. My academic love is faculty development, professional education, instruction design, research and instructional technology.

I have worked at several universities and serve, at the invitation of Dr. Wang, as an associate editor for the International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET) endorsed by former peer of Malcolm Knowles, Dr. Edgar Boone. My list of publications in the field are among my most noteworthy achievements, as I work toward mentoring leaders to connect adult learning with other fields, which goes well beyond adult and continuing education. A major publication, "Pedagogical or Andragogical Teaching via MOOCs", researches the opportunity to create richer, more engaging ways teachers teach and students learn; providing greater access for related content that extends learning further.

I was invited to attend advanced studies at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. During this scholarly academic journey, I was asked to conduct doctoral research at their distinguished university. This extensive scholarly work equipped me with newer theories to further understand and advance the field of adult and continuing education. To enhance the visibility and stature of the field, I have been invited to serve as external examiner for dissertation students by several universities.

I sit on the peer review board for seven journals and am a member of the editorial board for three international books, all with the purpose to guide both experienced and novice scholars and practitioners in their field of research and writing. Due to my research and extensive publishing, I was invited to be a visiting professor at Capella University.

My writing with IGI Global is on-going, and my chapters within international publications have been cataloged by leading universities including Harvard, Stanford, and University of Chicago.

Why did you choose IGI Global as your publisher?

I publish with IGI Global because they seek to facilitate the availability of academic excellence and disseminate innovative knowledge worldwide. IGI Global book and journal publications are highly cited in several prestigious indices and offer premier and peer-reviewed content in both print and electronic formats to international researchers, librarians, and universities.

How do you achieve success in regards to your publication? How do you increase the chances for positive reviews and indexing?

I achieve success in my publications and increase the chances for positives reviews and indexing by choosing IGI Global and they maximize the exposure of my research and create the likelihood of abstracting and indexing my publications through their new Open Access system. This system offers the valuable opportunity for researchers to share our work in an open forum by becoming a paper author and/or a reviewer.

What do you require from your title contributors to maintain and build your publication’s reputation?

Title contributors maintain and build the publication’s reputation by researching and writing relevant work that will advance educational knowledge beyond today and unlock the power to think differently in an educational revolution. Adult and continuing education is at a tipping point and our value to this field is to visualize education beyond the current practice.

How can other researchers maximize the exposure of their research and increase the likelihood of abstracting and indexing for their publications? What resources are required?

With the prestigious brand of IGI Global, I execute personal promotions to support my publications through my keynote addresses at various educational institutions, as well as mentoring future writers to become part of IGI Global scholars publishing all around the world in a collaborative approach to research, theory and practice in influencing generations of leaders and learners in adult and continuing education.

Do you execute personal promotions to support your publications? What specifically?

I continue building my reputation as a leader and researcher in adult education through the global commitment from IGI Global. They progress innovation and the availability of knowledge resources for academicians, independent researchers, industry practitioners and professionals worldwide. As contributors, we benefit from the expansion of IGI Global’s professional and academic networks by partnering with individuals from across the globe to make our publications a success.

How has Dr. Cranton's scholarship influenced yours?

From her numerous publications and as a world’s leading theorist of transformative learning and through her cutting-edge research I gained a deeper understanding of just what transformative learning is. It is from her perspective and scholarship, I was introduced to noted scholars ‘s differing views in this field of study.

In Dr. Cranton’s work, she emphasized the process by which adults seek inner critical reflection to foster and develop. From her emphasis, she impacted my teaching and learning as she turned my own scholarship endeavors into the possibility of me creating new knowledge via critical reflection. As I followed her on my path of transformation, I learned from her that the possibilities that surround me allow me to grow and develop not just as a learner, but also a leader in the field of transformative teaching.

I continue to be mentored by her, as I refer to her work as I continue my scholarship in learning which is a lifelong process and as I learn or even as I attempt to learn, I am transformed. Her work continues, and will continue, to be my golden thread as I weave her scholarship into my own.

Please Note: This will be the last of the Dr. Patricia Cranton Outstanding Scholars Award Article Series.
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