The Role of Editors:

Navigating the Important Balance of Project Management and Communication

By Melissa Wagner on Mar 10, 2021
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During the publishing process, all individuals, from editors to contributing authors, have a role to play in the timely dissemination of high-quality research. When working with IGI Global, each stakeholder in the project is provided with the tools needed to keep themselves apprised of the status and timeline of their projects, as well as hold themselves accountable for the completion of each step. IGI Global’s eEditorial Discovery (eED) online submission system provides an easy and accessible way by which editors and contributing authors can continuously check up on their work. By logging into the system, editors and authors have access to all projects that are in the process of being published.

Book Editors

As a book editor, it is important to be highly responsive specifically regarding author inquiries and interest about the book project. It is the responsibility of book editors to recruit the requisite number of chapter manuscripts for their edited book projects; thus, it is of great importance that editors immediately address any concerns and/or inquiries from authors and continuously check their book project in the eED system for new chapter proposals or full chapter manuscript submissions.

Editors are responsible for overseeing the management of the double-blind peer review process, and as such they must ensure that full chapter manuscript submissions are promptly being assigned to peer reviewers (contributing authors or an Editorial Advisory Board) through the eED system. This ensures that authors are receiving constructive feedback on their chapter in a timely manner, which ensures that their work is not sitting for months with no movement.

Along with the review process, in the case of needed revisions on chapter manuscripts, editors should make sure that they are keeping open lines of communication with all authors about when revisions are due, answering any questions about chapter manuscript revisions, and checking continuously for when chapter manuscript revisions have been submitted.

For more information on editor responsibilities, check out our comprehensive Editor Guide. For information on accessing book projects in the eED System and other useful information, check out the eEditorial Discovery User Guide.

Journal Editor(s)-in-Chief (EiCs) and Review Board Members

Much like book editors, journal EiCs are also responsible for the continuous recruitment of content (article manuscripts in this case) and the management of the double-blind peer review process. They also must ensure that they are being highly responsive regarding author inquiries and interest about the journal. As such, it is imperative that they remain active in the eED system, continuously checking their journal for new article manuscript submissions and promptly placing article manuscripts into initial assessment (desk review), and, if approved, into the full double-blind peer review process.

EiCs should strive to move newly submitted article manuscripts through the initial assessment (desk review) stage within 1-2 weeks of receiving the submission. Furthermore, EiCs and review board members should work efficiently to pass manuscripts through the peer review process and EiCs should aim to get a first decision to the author(s) in no more than 30 days. For EiCs, this means assigning reviewers in a timely fashion and promptly following up with those reviewers should they be nearing their deadline with no progress made. For reviewers, this means constantly keeping on top of review requests and returning the reviews expeditiously.

These steps are crucial for the on-time release of issues for subscription-based journals and the rapid distribution of articles for open access journals. These steps are also crucial when considering that authors are aiming to utilize the published research for their career advancement, networking opportunities, and to address research needs in the academic community; and also for the journal’s overall health and well-being – specifically, its indexing status, citation impact, and overall good standing in the research community.

For more information, see the Editor’s Guide for Journals and IGI Global’s Journal Editorial Policies for Standard Subscription-Based Journals and Gold Open Access Journals.

Chapter and Article Authors

While it is tremendously important that editors are regularly communicating with contributing authors to their projects, it is equally as important for chapter authors to understand that they should be continually checking on their submissions (chapters or articles) as often as possible within the eED System and monitoring their e-mail boxes for any communications relevant to their submissions. Once they submit a chapter proposal, full chapter, or article manuscript, the eED system tracks everything within their IGI Global account for them. Once they have logged in, they have unlimited access to anything they have submitted.

While editors should be sending notifications to let them know which stage of the process the submission is in, logging in continuously ensures that authors will not miss anything important.

Further Instruction on Accessing Submitted Work:

Submissions can be accessed by logging into the eED system and clicking the drop-down menu for “current projects”. Then authors can select the appropriate link. Authors can login to their IGI Global account here to not only access current projects, but previously published work, purchased titles, affiliation and biography information, and more.

IGI Global continues to work to provide self-sufficiency to all stakeholders by delivering them with the necessary tools needed to support their publishing endeavors. If you are looking to start your own book or journal project or are looking for books or journals to submit your work to, please visit the Publish With IGI Global page.

About IGI Global:  Founded in 1988, IGI Global, an international academic publisher, is committed to producing the highest quality research (as an active full member of the Committee on Publication Ethics “COPE”) and ensuring the timely dissemination of innovative research findings through an expeditious and technologically advanced publishing processes. Through their commitment to supporting the research community ahead of profitability, and taking a chance on virtually untapped topic coverage, IGI Global has been able to collaborate with over 100,000+ researchers from some of the most prominent research institutions around the world to publish the most emerging, peer-reviewed research across 350+ topics in 11 subject areas including business, computer science, education, engineering, social sciences, and more. To learn more about IGI Global, click here.

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