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By IGI Global on Jan 26, 2017
New Book Reviews IGI Global's peer-reviewed publications are painstakingly compiled by the most acclaimed researchers in the field, ensuring cutting-edge scholarly content for the dissemination of knowledge worldwide. In support of the editors and authors behind the research, here are some excerpts of book reviews of outstanding titles for the month of January.

Academic Library Development and Administration in China
Lian Ruan (Illinois Fire Service Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), Qiang Zhu (Peking University, China) and Ying Ye (Nanjing University, China)

"Chinese library and information scientists describe representative projects and academic research in Chinese academic libraries since the 1990s, particularly looking at significant foundational infrastructure and support systems, including government oriented projects and exploratory studies, and covering systems, resources, services, education, and other matters. They cover national platforms, user services and buildings, digital libraries and resources, education and research, leadership and assessment, and international communication and the new model. The studies could interest librarians, researchers, and information scientists."
– Mark Shelton, Director of Library Services, College of the Holy Cross, USA

Handbook of Research on Theoretical Perspectives on Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Developing Countries
Patrick Ngulube (University of South Africa, South Africa)

"Uniquely crafted with its focus on Indigenous issues, the book provides a shift from conventional research paradigms by focusing on Indigenous research approaches in reconnoitering Indigenous communities/issues. [...] In brief, as health care and academic institutions become more integrated with the global knowledge consumerist economy, the emphasis of this book on embracement of alternative ways of knowing (including in health care systems) reiterates the significance of institutional collegiality required for building a diverse and inclusive global society. Highly recommended."
– Francis Adyanga Akena, PhD., University of Toronto, Canada

Islamic Economy and Social Mobility: Cultural and Religious Considerations
Hasan Shahpari (Community College of Philadelphia, USA) and Tahereh Alavi Hojjat (DeSales University, USA)

"The present work is unique in its scope and findings in both the fields of Middle East studies, and in the wide range of works on Islamic studies, history, politics and economics. The breathtaking vista of subjects studied from medieval Islamic times and Arab-Persian relations and literary production to the modern period of the Iranian/Islamic revolution and the Arab Spring surely will stir colleagues and general readership alike. Its singular virtues are twofold: a bold assessment of the Arab and Iranian worlds' successes and failures, and the comparative forays into the West versus Middle East and Asian development patterns, past and present. This is a seminal work worth reading."
– Dr. Thomas M. Ricks, former Villanova University Social and Cultural Historian of the Middle East

Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility
Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA) and Charlotte Foster (Missouri Western State University, USA)

"A very comprehensive and thorough examination of international student mobility. I highly recommend for anyone who works with this important and growing population of college students in the US."
– Jenny J. Lee, PhD, Center for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Arizona, USA

Strategic Tools and Methods for Promoting Hospitality and Tourism Services
Alexandru-Mircea Nedelea (Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania), Maximiliano Korstanje (University of Palermo, Argentina) and Babu George (Fort Hays State University, USA)

"This book nicely establishes the link between strategic tools and marketing and advances their cooperation by giving various contemporary themes and cases worldwide. It touches upon a great number of subjects specifically including image, crisis, franchising, wellness and well-being, information technology, terrorism among others. The case studies also offer a broader context varying from businesses and destinations. The book will be of help for researchers, postgraduate students and policymakers to learn more about new practices in the field.”
– Professor Metin Kozak, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Special Library Administration, Standardization and Technological Integration
Joseph M. Yap (De La Salle University, Philippines), Martin Julius V. Perez (Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines), Maria Cecilia I. Ayson (Filipinas Heritage Library, Philippines) and Gladys Joy E. Entico (EastWest Bank, Philippines)

"The book is an excellent piece and contributes greatly to the library and information science field, especially to special libraries and special librarians. It elaborates the various ways special libraries share and make information resources available and accessible to users. It indicates the necessity for special librarians to always update their skills to meet the demand for current information in this information age."
– Bongnda Winifred Menyong, Chief Librarian, University of Bamenda, Cameroon

IGI Global would like to thank the valuable contributors and reviewers who have worked to make these publications a success. For other reviews and information on these titles, visit the book web pages. For more information on reviewing IGI Global publications, contact Promotions Coordinator Ann Lupold at
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