November Symposium Presented by Dr. Andrea Edmundson

By IGI Global on Oct 11, 2011
IGI Global is pleased to present a symposium hosted by Dr. Andrea Edmunds on November 17, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. (EST). The symposium, entitled "Modifying Online Classes for Non-U.S. Learners," will cover the issues facing non-American students studying with online American universities. Dr. Edmundson is an expert in culturally appropriate instructional design, which is a process that aligns course content, instructional approaches, and multimedia to the cultural characteristics and preferences of non-U.S. learners. She is also the editor of the recent IGI Global publicationCases on Globalized and Culturally Appropriate E-Learning: Challenges and Solutions, which cites cultural challenges faced by learners across the globe.

During the session, Dr. Edmundson will describe some of the typical challenges faced by non-American students in U.S.-designed courses, and from the students' perspective, how faculty can promote more ‘equitable learning' for them. She will also explain the symptoms and behaviors of non-U.S. students who need more support, as many faculty members may not recognize that certain behaviors like reluctance to participate, perceived lack of problem-solving skills, or high dependence on structure are related to cultural differences.

As the global learning strategist of eWorldLearning, Inc., Dr. Edmundson has created the Cultural Adaptation Process (CAP) Model©, which she uses as an alignment tool in course techniques to aid global learners in their successful education. With 25 years of experience working in the academic world, she has conducted courses in over 30 countries, understanding the cultural and academic differences for thousands of students around the world. Reserve your spot for Dr. Edmundson's symposium by registering at the following link:

IGI Global's monthly symposiums promote new technologies and techniques related to research and instruction, and are an excellent way to connect professors and researchers to an international network of field experts. You can learn more about IGI Global's symposium series and find past IGI Global symposiums by checking out our symposium page. For more information regarding IGI Global's online symposium series, please contact us at
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