Latin American nonprofit offers ten different scholarships and one million possibilities

Obtaining an Affordable, Quality, Post-Secondary Education

By IGI Global on Sep 11, 2013
Contributed by Kristen Stauffer, Discipline Manager

Cases on Professional Distance Education Degree Programs and Practices: Successes, Challenges, and Issues In many countries, pursuing higher education means a chance to pursue your dreams. Sometimes, financial or geographical complications can prevent these dreams from becoming a reality. For many students all over the world, these difficulties are becoming less and less of an obstacle as online and distance education technologies continue to increase the accessibility and affordability of higher level classes and courses.

Helping this cause is the Ilumno Network, a nonprofit organization that consists of ten innovative institutions offering higher education programs and distance learning in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru. Their goal is to transform higher education in Latin America by redefining access, quality, globalization, employability, inclusion and accessibility to high quality education.

Their 2nd annual “One Million Possibilities to Make your Dreams Come True” contest, which started in August 2013, aims to provide post secondary education in Latin America by awarding ten aspiring students with a scholarship to study at any of the member institutions within the eight participating countries. The winners will have the opportunity of an affordable quality post secondary education through presential and distance learning modalities.

In the recent IGI Global publication, Cases on Professional Distance Education Degree Programs and Practices: Successes, Challenges, and Issues, editors Kirk P.H. Sullivan (Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University, Sweden), Peter E. Czigler (Senior Lecturer in Hearing Sciences in the Department of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden) and Jenny M. Sullivan Hellgren (Department of Science and Mathematics Education, Umeå University, Sweden) examine the best practices for executing technology applications and the utilization of distance education techniques.

With chapters including “Studying Professional Degrees via the Internet: Challenges, Issues, and Relevance from the Student’s Perspective” and “Creating Online Community: Challenges and Solutions”, the cases within this title focus on the unique challenges of evaluating online degree courses, including the student experience and other possibilities for collaborative learning in an online environment. Virtual learning environments are forums for success as well as concerns, including practical concerns that are shared by all online educational programs, such as the detection of plagiarism and the use of specific tools.

Despite the challenges, the contestants and winners of One Million Possibilities are embracing today’s educational technologies to achieve their dreams. For more information about Red Ilumno or to vote in this year’s contest (voting is open until October 4th), visit

To find out more about distance learning, check out IGI Global’s Advances in Mobile and Distance Learning (AMDL) book series, the International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, as well as many other distance education titles.
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