NSTL takes advantage of the IGI Global's new Open Access Initiative

Open Access Opportunities for China Through NSTL and IGI Global

By IGI Global on Jul 23, 2018
Since 2008, IGI Global has partnered with the Chinese National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) to provide scholarly journals to prestigious Chinese institutions through its award-winning InfoSci®-Journals database. With NSTL’s renewal of this content for the 2019 copyright year, the consortia is taking advantage of IGI Global’s new Open Access Fee Waiver initiative to provide open access publishing opportunities to its members.

Not only can institutions in NSTL access IGI Global’s expansive collection of journal articles, but they can now participate in IGI Global’s Open Access initiative. For any library that invests in an IGI Global journal database, IGI Global will match the library’s investment with a fund of equal value to go toward subsidizing the open access article processing charge (APC) for their students, faculty, and staff at that institution when their work is submitted and accepted under open access into an IGI Global journal housed within that collection.* NSTL’s access to this program provides institutions with the essential research, while making Open Access more affordable for researchers.

iGroup, an organization the provides printed books to the Asian region, initiated and helps manage the relationship with NSTL, ensuring that they have the support they need. Through NSTL’s partnership with IGI Global, institution members have access to cutting-edge research in 11 core subjects, namely business and management, computer science and information technology, education, engineering, and social science and humanities. NSTL and IGI Global both share a commitment to promoting accessible emerging research.

This partnership brings a wide spectrum of publications to researchers and librarians, and it increases access to research across China. The IGI Global journal collection includes more than 175 cutting-edge, interdisciplinary journals managed since 1988. Covering emerging technology and innovative research trends, InfoSci-Journals is a strong investment for research-focused libraries. The database is now available as low as US$ 5,100 for new customers.** InfoSci-Journals has provided NSTL institutions with the research they need. Any institutions interested in gaining the same essential research can visit the InfoSci-Journals page to purchase or recommend to their librarian.

We look forward to future partnerships with consortiums, libraries, and institutions around the world, and sharing our database opportunities.

About NSTL: Established in 2000, NSTL is a public service organization providing science and technology information resources to over 500 institutions, including National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC), Institute of Science and Technology Information of China (ISTIC), and Chinese Machinery Industry Information Institute (CNKI).

About IGI Global: Founded in 1988, IGI Global is an international and leading academic publisher of reference books, journals, and databases focusing on information science and technology. IGI Global is a leader in the field of e-resources and provides high-value databases: InfoSci®-Books (4,500+ e-books), InfoSci-Journals (175+ e-journals), and InfoSci-Videos (100+ streaming videos). To learn more about IGI Global’s partnerships with universities and consortia, please contact:
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Caroline Campbell
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(717) 533-8845, ext. 144

*The fund will be offered on an annual basis and expire at the end of the subscription period. The fund would renew as the subscription is renewed for each year thereafter. The open access fees will be waived after the student, faculty, or staff’s paper has been vetted and accepted into an IGI Global journal and the fund can only be used toward publishing OA in an IGI Global journal. Libraries in developing countries will have the match on their investment doubled.

**InfoSci-Journals $5,100 annual subscription price is only available for new InfoSci-Journal subscriptions and cannot be combined with most offers.
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