Dr. Chia-Wen Tsai receives the Outstanding Scholars Award due to his remarkable contributions to the academic achievement and community

The Outstanding Scholars Award Goes to Dr. Chia-Wen Tsai

By Elizabeth Leber on May 11, 2017
IGI Global Editor Travels To MyanmarDr. Chia-Wen Tsai
In honor of Dr. Patricia Cranton's exemplary contributions and remarkable achievements in research, IGI Global has reinstated the Outstanding Scholars Program in her honor. The Outstanding Scholars Program will continue to honor editors and authors of outstanding merit, encouraging discoverability and connecting researchers with the greater global community. Like Dr. Cranton, these scholars are the driving force behind modern academic inquiry and research innovation. By recognizing these individuals for their commendable work and effort, IGI Global seeks to continue in their mission of disseminating knowledge to the worldwide academic community.

Chia-Wen Tsai is a professor at the Department of Information Management, Ming Chuan University (Taiwan). Dr. Tsai is one of the editors-in-chief of International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design and International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction. He is also the associate editor of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (SSCI), and Higher Education Research & Development (SSCI). He is primarily interested in online teaching methods and knowledge management.

1.) Tell us about yourself. How did you become involved with IGI Global?

I have been interested in and involved in the field of online education since my doctoral studies at Ming Chuan University. During my doctoral program, my advisor and I wrote two chapters and one journal paper published by IGI Global. After I got my Ph.D., I continued to submit and publish in the fields of online education, Internet behavior, and decision science in various books and journals of IGI Global.

2.) Why do you choose IGI Global as your publisher?

IGI Global is one of the publishers that focuses on the fields of science, technologies, and education. From my experience, I have found that IGI Global is very effective in publishing timely and high-quality papers. It also supports many activities such as Academic Librarian Sponsorship Program, and demonstrates good ability and responsibility in publication. This may be why many authors, reviewers, and editors chose IGI Global as their publisher.

3.) How do you achieve success in regards to your publication? How do you increase the chances for positive reviews and indexing?

As an author, I read recently published papers and adopt innovative ideas in my research. In my experiments, I do my best to prevent bias and failure. When I complete a paper, I carefully browse and choose an appropriate journal to submit my paper to, so I usually get positive reviews for publication. As an editor, I promote the journals I edit through different approaches, such promoting them in my talks, presentations, and sharing the news through my accounts on social networking sites (e.g. Facebook). That is, I attempt to increase the journals’ visibility among potential contributors.

4.) What do you require from your title contributors to maintain and build your publication’s reputation?

We invite critical editors, educators, researchers, experts or professors in the fields of the journals. For example, all the members of the International Advisory Board of the journals we edit are Editors-in-Chief of SSCI-indexed journals. In addition, we also invite qualified reviewers to carefully review our papers before they are accepted for publication. Furthermore, we also invite papers from famous editors or researchers to attract potential readers and citations from other authors.

5.) How can other researchers maximize the exposure and increase the likelihood of indexing for their publications? What resources are required?

Other researchers may share their publications via different social networking sites. For example, they can share their titles and abstracts on their accounts in Facebook, ResearchGate, or LinkedIn. This requires almost nothing except Internet accessibility.

6.) Do you execute personal promotions to support your publications? What specifically?

I promote journals I edit, my book chapters and papers during my talks and presentations in conferences. In addition, as mentioned above, I also share news about them, especially upon publication, on my personal accounts on Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. This could reach more potential readers, and attract other authors to submit their papers.
A sincere thanks to Dr. Tsai for his outstanding merit and innovative research. Please view some of his other noteworthy publications here, and feel free to contact him by email:

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