This collection of innovative research provides insights on the latest in existing and emerging immersive technologies through descriptions of case studies, new business models, philosophical viewpoints, and scientific findings.

Prestigious Media Experts Release the Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media With IGI Global

By Brittany Haynes on Mar 19, 2020


Hershey, PA—March 18, 2020—
The world is currently experiencing a media revolution, with new forms of media transforming the human experience from passive viewership to active participation. With new immersive media forms including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, fulldome, CAVEs, holographic characters, projection mapping, and more, practitioners are crafting these new media to see how they can influence and shape the world. In response to the continuous advancements in this field, IGI Global officially released the highly anticipated publication the Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media, edited by Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, from All These Worlds, LLC, USA, and Kate McCallum, from Bridge Arts Media, USA & Vortex Immersion Media, USA.

This publication contains the most timely research on augmented and virtual reality, spatial computing and more, as Dr. Morie has over 30 years of experience in researching and creating meaningful VR experiences and Kate McCallum has over 20 years of experience at NBC Universal and Paramount Studios working on shows such as Miami Vice and Law & Order, and is now developing and producing fulldome and VR content.  

Additionally, as these prestigious editors are fully engaged in VR, AR, and immersive education, and are seen as experts in the media industry, Dr. Morie founded All These Worlds, LLC, her own virtual reality development company, and McCallum started Bridge Arts Media, LLC, her own development and multi-media production company. McCallum’s company consults high-profile clients such as Vortex Immersion Media, which was featured in a recent Forbes article.

“What is immersive media, and how is it affecting so many corners of our day-to-day lives?” stated Dr. Morie. “If you have ever wondered about the many facets of today’s immersive media—from practical to philosophical—then look no further than this amazing collection of articles from experts tackling the birth of this new media from every angle.”

The Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media is a collection of innovative research that provides insights on the latest in existing and emerging immersive technologies through descriptions of case studies, new business models, philosophical viewpoints, and scientific findings. While highlighting topics including augmented reality, interactive media, and spatial computing, this book is ideally designed for media technologists, storytellers, artists, journalists, designers, programmers, developers, manufacturers, entertainment executives, content creators, industry professionals, academicians, researchers, and media students.

“As a media professional working in and tracking the emerging field of immersive media, I found it extremely challenging to clarify and define categories of immersive media (XR, MR, AR, VR, fulldome, etc.) and to find well-written documentation of practitioners working in this space,” stated co-editor Kate McCallum. “This book was designed to fill these gaps for many sectors needing to know more about immersive media—from entertainment to art, industries to researchers, and educational areas to working professionals.” 

Featured Chapters From This Publication

To review the critical coverage of this publication, see below a sample of featured chapters:

Chapter 1:Virtual Futures: A Manifesto for Immersive Experiences” Prof. Julia Scott-Stevenson (University of the West of England, UK)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 9

Chapter 4:Narrative Strategies in VR Movies, Traditional Movies, and Digital Games” Prof. Li Zheng (Shandong University of Arts, China & Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA) and Prof. Mei Si (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 20

Chapter 17:The Promises and Challenges of Immersive Education” Dr. Jacquelyn F. Morie (All These Worlds, LLC, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 23

Chapter 22:Immersive Experience: Convergence, Storyworlds, and the Power for Social Impact

Kate M. McCallum (Bridge Arts Media, LLC, USA & Vortex Immersion Media, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 32

View Full Table of Contents

Available in print and electronic format, this highly anticipated publication can be ordered with an automatic 20% discount off the list price when purchasing the publication directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. Additionally, this publication is available across preferred providers such as GOBI Library Solutions, EBSCOHost, Oasis, and Ebook Central (Note: The automatic 20% discount is only available through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore), as well as IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books (5,300+ e-books) database.

Visit the publication’s webpage to order, or contact Customer Service at or 717-533-8845 ext. 100 with questions. For researchers, be sure to recommend this publication or the InfoSci-Books database to your library to have access to this critical content.

About the Editors:

Dr. Jacquelyn Morie’s 30 years of researching & creating meaningful VR experiences combines multi-sensory and perceptual techniques for VR that predictably elicit emotional responses from participants. Her company All These Worlds, LLC is active in social VR, Mindfulness applications, storytelling, stress relief experiences, avatars and immersive education & training. In 2016, she concluded a special project for NASA called ANSIBLE, a full virtual world ecosystem designed to provide psychological benefits for future astronauts who will undertake extremely long isolated missions to Mars. ANSIBLE was tested in an analog facility called HISEAS in Hawaii, where a team of six scientists was sequestered for a full year to simulate the conditions of isolation on Mars, including long communications delays. Dr. Morie also investigates the use of personal avatars for how we use them and how they affect our human selves…Read Full Bio.
Kate McCallum is a forward-thinking multi-media producer, writer, and digital arts and media strategist with an emphasis in IP development, transmedia, and new media technology platforms. Kate served as a Board Delegate on the Producers Guild of America New Media Council for six years and on the PGA National Board for three years. She was the recipient of the 2019 Marc A. Levey Award for Distinguished Service, and as a Co-Chair, Kate helped to spearhead the creation of the PGA Social Impact Entertainment Task Force. She is a member of the TV Academy, the WFSF: World Future Studies Federation, and is Chair of the Arts & Media Node for The Millennium Project, a global futurist think tank. In 2004, Kate founded her own development and multi-media production company, Bridge Arts Media, LLC, and consults and produces for a variety of clients including Vortex Immersion Media, a company specializing in fulldome 360/VR immersive content and experience design, immersive brand experiences, VR, interactive, live mixed-media performances, and projection mapping. In 2010, Kate established the Vortex AIR: Artist-in-Residence program and innovation lab in The Vortex Dome CineTheater at Los Angeles Center Studios. Prior, Kate spent 20 years at NBCUniversal and Paramount Studios working in development and production of feature films, and broadcast and cable episodic television with some of the top showrunners and writers in the industry on such shows as Miami Vice, Law & Order, Equalizer, Gimme a Break, Charles in Charge, and The Marshal to name a few...Read Full Bio.

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