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Milestone Achievement: Reducing Publishing Time for IGI Global's Books to a Pioneering 6-9 Months from Editor Agreement to Publication Release

By IGI Global on Aug 11, 2023
IGI GlobalIGI Global, a medium-sized independent international academic publishing house, renowned for its unwavering commitment to scholarly excellence, proudly announces a pioneering achievement that is poised to revolutionize the academic book publishing landscape.
Through meticulous innovation and dedication, the company has successfully condensed the scholarly book publishing process to an unprecedented 6-9 months, measured from the moment the publication agreement is signed with an editor/author to the release of the book. This momentous stride underscores IGI Global's steadfast dedication to advancing knowledge dissemination with unwavering swiftness and efficacy, all while adhering to robust rigor with a double-blind peer review that is COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) certified.
Guided by the visionary stewardship of the Vice President of Editorial, Melissa Wagner, IGI Global has orchestrated a harmonious symphony of innovative technology and seasoned editorial acumen to catalyze the transformation of the scholarly book publishing domain. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the organization's profound commitment to its mission of delivering "Tomorrow's Research Today!"
This trajectory-defying feat challenges the traditional academic publishing timeline, which often requires 2-3 years for research-based books to reach fruition. In contrast, IGI Global's accelerated process empowers authors and editors to expeditiously introduce their groundbreaking research to the global academic community, ensuring the release of research before it
becomes outdated.
"Our rapid publishing achievements stem from 35+ years of refining processes, technology, and fostering an adept in-house editorial team. Research-based books now match the pace of peer-reviewed journals, forging a transformative era of rapid and impactful knowledge dissemination."

– Melissa Wagner, Vice President of Editorial, IGI Global
The implications of this swift timeline reverberate across the scholarly landscape, including:
In addition to this groundbreaking achievement, IGI Global welcomes academic librarians to embrace our latest releases spanning the domains of Business & Management, STM (Science, Technical, and Medicine), and Education reference books. These publications encapsulate forward-thinking and timely research, fostering innovation within the research ecosystem. As these scholarly works become integral components of library collections, they empower both faculty and students to excel, positioning them at the forefront of knowledge with unparalleled access to the latest advancements in published research.
"The editorial enhancements allow IGI Global to rapidly publish the research work of our esteemed authors, making it readily available to the research community and librarians well before their counterparts working with other publishing houses. This ability ensures that library collections are not just up-to-date, but also 100% current and, in many cases, forward-thinking. This offers faculty and students the opportunity to access 'tomorrow's research today.' Our accelerated publishing timeline reflects our mission to facilitate the seamless flow of groundbreaking ideas and insights throughout the global academic landscape."

– Nick Newcomer, Vice President Sales & Marketing, IGI Global
IGI Global books are readily accessible on all major platforms, including EBSCOHost, E-Book Central, Gale e-Book, and IGI Global's InfoSci platform. Furthermore, all IGI Global books are available on GOBI, OASIS, and Rialto, providing academic librarians with convenient options for independent acquisition, approval plans, or the comprehensive IGI Global e-Book Collection. This collection offers substantial savings while empowering libraries to acquire "Tomorrow's Research Today" in bulk.
As IGI Global embarks on a journey of innovative publishing solutions, scholars, authors, librarians, and researchers are invited to embrace this transformative era, one that propels scholarly contributions with newfound urgency and impact.
For further insights into IGI Global's groundbreaking publishing process or to engage in a dialogue about ongoing projects, please contact: Melissa Wagner, Vice President of Editorial, IGI Global at

About IGI Global – Publishing Tomorrow’s Research Today
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA with a subsidiary office (IGI Science and Technology, Ltd.) operating out of Beijing, China, IGI Global is a leading medium-sized independent international academic publisher of cutting-edge, high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly reference publications in the three major academic subject areas of Business & Management, Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM), and Education. With a commitment to facilitating the discovery of pioneering scientific research, this publishing house has empowered over 200,000+ expert researchers from leading institutions globally to bring advanced research books from conceptualization to completion in an impressive 6-9 months from proposal acceptance to publication. IGI Global journal articles have a rapid turnaround, on average taking 2-4 weeks, and are then added to a significant portfolio of nearly 200 journals within IGI Global’s Open Access Journal Program. Through traditional and open access publishing workflows, this unique proprietary process makes tomorrow’s research, which enhances and expands the body of knowledge, available to the research community today.

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