Research Organization Registry (ROR) Identifiers Support OA Content Distribution

By IGI Global Open Access Division on Mar 29, 2022
ROR Success in Open Access (OA) publishing does not just stem from published OA works, but the metadata infrastructure that works behind the scenes to ensure maximum optimization of accessibility of open and freely available publications. Content identifiers and contributor identifiers are part of the foundation for research and academic communities.
IGI Global recently started working with the Research Organization Registry (ROR), to support greater OA content and data distribution for IGI Global’s growing portfolio of OA publications. ROR is a community-led registry of open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifiers for every research organization in the world.
The intent of ROR is for use by the research community to increase the use of organization identifiers within that community while establishing connections between organization records in various systems. With the implementation of ROR IDs in the research community, metadata will warrant more efficient discovery and tracking of methods across funding bodies and institutions.
Sustainability and Guiding Principles of ROR:
  • Focus on providing free and open data
  • Keep the scope manageable
  • Cultivate early and sustained community engagement and governance
  • Maintain low overhead
  • Diversify resourcing streams
(Via ROR)
All ROR IDs and metadata fall under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, without any fees or access requirements for the ROR API and public data dump. The ROR ID is expressed as a URL that tracks back to the institution’s record and is compatible with other identifiers.
IGI Global authors will start to take notice that when they go through the submission process (currently for book chapters and journal articles), as they are entering in author information, there is a special dropdown now present for research organizations, where authors will need to enter an institution name and ensure it aligns with those institutions in the dropdown, if it isn’t found they will need to note “I cannot find my Research Organization(s)”. This is all part of the aim to create greater consistency in the affiliation data capture process.
ROR is just one of the many key components for data procurement needed as IGI Global endeavors to be fully integrated with the OA Switchboard (view more about the OA Switchboard integration here).
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