A Researcher's Reflections: Hear from Prof. Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye

The Impacts of School Violence and What Needs to Change

By IGI Global on Nov 17, 2022
school bus drives past anti-gun sign School violence has happened in big cities and in small towns, at homecoming games and during art classes, as students are leaving campus in the afternoon and during late-night arguments in school parking lots. This violence has become an urgently and increasingly important issue for many.
From 2009 to 2019, there were at least 180 shootings at K-12 schools across the United States (CNN). NBC News announced one event where “a 19-year-old former student killed a teacher and a 15-year-old student at the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. The gunman was pronounced dead after a gunfight with authorities." The New York Times reported that "At what was normally nap time at government-run day care centers in Thailand, a recently fired police officer armed with a handgun and a knife went on a rampage that by day’s end had killed 36 people, 24 of them children." Both of these articles were posted in October, 2022.
Prof. Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye is a contributing author of the book Research Anthology on Modern Violence and Its Impact on Society, a researcher whose experience in generating stimulating critical awareness, deepening the entrenchment of rights cultures, and fostering peace, progress, and stability. He brings his opinions related to the current climate of school violence societal issue.
Research Anthology on Modern Violence and Its Impact on Society
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Hear from Prof. Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye
"I want to express my deep concern about the recent killing of 36 people including twenty four children at the Child Development Center Uthaisawan, a child care facility in Nong Bua Lamphu Province, Thailand. The dastardly act, tagged as the worst in the history of Thailand and among the deadliest in the world, was reportedly carried out by a 34-year old dismissed policeman who eventually killed himself, his wife and his child in a horrific end to a tragedy that underscores the scale of human propensity for violence, inclination to inflict maximum pain, and speaks to a perplexing absence of conscience and consciousness. My heartfelt condolences and sympathies goes to the king, government and the entire population of Thailand, especially the families of the deceased victims, including a 2-year old child and an 8-months pregnant teacher.
"At what was normally nap time at government-run day care centers in Thailand, a recently fired police officer armed with a handgun and a knife went on a rampage that by day’s end had killed 36 people, 24 of them children.." ---The New York Times, October 6, 2022
This incident occurring just two years after a mass shooting which resulted in the deaths of 29 people brings to the fore the gradual incipience of senseless mass shootings in Thailand, threats to Thailand’s position as an oasis of peace, tourism and tranquility in Southeast Asia and the need to quickly nip in the bud the infinitesimal but emerging pattern of mass killings by disturbed security officials. However, this incident is at variance with the prevalent Thai nature and culture of morality, empathy, generous and sharing which all dovetails to caring, selflessness and non violence.
Violence begets nothing but violence, bloodshed and sorrow. Violence breeds misery, woes and trauma that lasts a lifetime. The parents of the victims of this calamity would grieve for the rest of their lives and that is adversative to peace, progress and stability which are at the core of social solidarity. The world’s peoples should replace violence and killings with love and concern, demonstrate care, compassion and thoughtfulness that emphasize understanding, tolerance and mutuality. With true care, individual and collective well-being are protected and the proclivity to engage in the worst forms of violence is severely limited.
"Police say a 19-year-old former student killed a teacher and a 15-year-old student at the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. The gunman was pronounced dead after a gunfight with authorities." ---NBC News, October 24, 2022
Killing toddlers alludes to something deep rooted and more sinister and reveals that the shooter was a known drug abuser and no attempt was made to retrieve his weapon after his dismissal is rankling. Thailand needs to configure its security architecture to prevent the escalation of cases of gun violence and strengthen its various machineries to curb the inflow of drugs into its territory. The government also needs to ameliorate conditions that would make police officers and soldiers who have sworn oath to protect lives and properties to attack and kill innocent people in malls and day care centers. More research still needs to be conducted on the stress and mental health levels of security officials to ascertain predisposition to mass shootings of these types. There is need for an investigation into how to support practices that can result in deepened consciousness and conscientization about violence and policing and its impacts on an increasingly complex, uncertain and ever changing world.
The government should also continue to abide by its health, welfare and security commitments to its citizens regardless of rising economic and social problems because of the strong, shared regional and national interest before personal interest and keeping physically and mentally strong unyielding to evil powers. This is the time for all Thais to unite and stand together in this period of unprecedented pain and anger to shun gun violence, embark on the arduous task of changing course as Thailand careens towards terrifying shootings and collectively say never again".
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About Prof. Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye
Prof. Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye A results-focused, globally inclined and service oriented trainer, humanist, mediator, advocate and educator with varied background and interest in labour education and project/programme management, conflict management and dispute resolution, trade unionism, and employee-employer partnership/cooperation, gender issues and women in employment and human/workers and women rights. Prof. Tinuoye possesses cognate experience campaigning for best workplace practices, generating positive thinking, stimulating critical awareness, mentoring individuals, deepening the entrenchment of rights cultures, extending the borders of equality and social justice. and fostering peace, progress and stability.
An alumni of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Wageningen University and Researches Centre for Development Innovation, Netherlands, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Germany, Maastricht School of Management, Holland, University of Trento, Italy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, and Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development Beersheba, Israel respectively, Mr. Tinuoye is presently a labour educator and researcher with Michael Imoudu National Institute For Labour Studies, a tripartite national labour institution in Ilorin, Nigeria and he is also an External Faculty Associate at the Global Labour Research Centre, York University, Ontario, Canada. His major aspirations entail working towards the actualization of organizational and individual goals with positive multiplier effects on national, institutional and employee wellbeing and prosperity.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of IGI Global.
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