"What and Where are the Risks of International Terrorist Attacks" offered for open access for the month of April

Who is at Risk? Terrorism Awareness and Preparation

By IGI Global on Mar 30, 2016
Who Is At Risk? Terrorism Awareness And Preparation?
    Today's unstable economic and social climate have put the human race on the defensive, with the threat of terrorism present virtually everywhere around the globe. As the government does its part in increasing intell and security, it is also important for citizens to identify potential risks and take precautions throughout their daily activities to ensure meaningful threats are dispelled quickly and effectively.

    "What and Where are the Risks of International Terrorist Attacks: A Descriptive Study of the Evidence," written by scholars Kenneth David Strang (State University of New York, Queensbury, USA) and Serafina Alamieyeseigha (SA Consulting, Johannesburg, South Africa), describes the behavior factors of global terrorists, and the patterns of these behaviors from a socio-economical perspective. Identifying who the terrorist groups are, what they do, and where they attack, this article explores statistics and insights in order to help practitioners understand how global terrorism impacts all of us.

    This article has been published in the International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management (IJRCM), which features a comprehensive collection of interdisciplinary research papers, reviews, and case studies that examine risk, uncertainty, and contingency. The journal encourages risk and contingency research from disciplines like healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, agriculture, government, education, military, transportation, finance, and technology.

    Access the article "What and Where are the Risks of International Terrorist Attacks: A Descriptive Study of the Evidence" here.

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