Scopus Indexes 592 IGI Global Books

By Emily Leister on Oct 20, 2022
Scopus Logo Recently, Scopus, one of the leading and most trusted indexing databases, included 592 IGI Global reference books in their book database. These books join the 2,500+ other IGI Global references that are already included in this index. The newly indexed books include:
Women and Leadership in Higher Education During Global Crises
Profs. Heidi L. Schnackenberg (State University of New York at Plattsburgh, USA) and Denise A. Simard (State University of New York at Plattsburgh, USA)
Navigating Fake News, Alternative Facts, And Misinformation in a Post-Truth World
Profs. Kimiz Dalkir (McGill University, Canada) and Rebecca Katz (McGill University, Canada)
Open Access Implications for Sustainable Social, Political, and Economic Development
Profs. Priti Jain (University of Botswana, Botswana), Nathan Mnjama (University of Botswana, Botswana), et al.
Handbook of Research on Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Business and Industry
Prof. Valentina Chkoniya (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Deep Neural Networks for Multimodal Imaging and Biomedical Applications
Profs. Annamalai Suresh (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India), R. Udendhran (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bharathidasan University, India), et al.
View the full list of newly indexed books here.
Elsevier Logo Scopus is owned by Elsevier, and it is one of the most important indices in the academic publishing world. Content sent to Scopus for evaluation is put through a rigorous review process performed by an independent review board made up of experts in their fields. The manuscripts that pass the Scopus evaluation process have proven their worth to the academic community.
IGI Global would like to acknowledge and congratulate the editors and authors who made distinguished contributions to these reference publications.
All of these publications are available within the IGI Global e-Book Collection, an interdisciplinary collection of over 7,300 e-books focusing on emerging research, all hosted on the InfoSci Platform. This platform offers institutions full-text PDF and XML format with no DRM, unlimited simultaneous users at no additional charge, remote access options, flexible acquisition models, and diverse & international perspectives from leading experts.
IGI Global e-Book Collection
For more information on IGI Global’s e-Book Collection (or its discipline-, subject-, or topic-focused subsets), contact IGI Global’s e-Collections Team at or recommend these resources to your librarian.
Indices such as Scopus evaluate potential titles on the quality of their content, the diversity of authorship, and the content’s usage and impact. IGI Global’s Open Access (OA) publishing provides authors with more sharing capabilities to increase the discoverability of the content, better promote its citation rate, and increase its chances of being indexed. Current chapters and past chapters can still have a CC BY license applied and be changed to the Open Access model.
In order to help authors publish under OA, IGI Global offers a variety of ways in which OA fees can be funded including crowdsourcing opportunities, unique OA Agreements, Transformative Options, and Publish & Read Agreements that can help provide institutions with the flexibility needed to participate and promote Open Access within their own walls. We can work with you directly to provide an analysis of your institution’s interest in OA publishing, review the options, and strategize innovative solutions to fit your institution’s needs. Please contact the Open Access Team at to get started.
About Scopus

Scopus is one of the leading index databases for researchers and academics in the world. It was created by Elsevier in 2004 and has gone on to assess thousands of high-quality works created by researchers all over the world. It identifies emerging trends, increases visibility of indexed titles, fosters collaboration between brilliant minds, and empowers academics to share their work with the world.

About IGI Global

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA with a subsidiary office (IGI Science and Technology, Ltd.), operating out of Beijing, China, IGI Global is a leading medium-sized independent academic publisher of international scientific research. They are committed to facilitating the discovery of pioneering research that enhances and expands the body of knowledge available to the research community through traditional and open access publishing workflows. Working in close collaboration with expert researchers and professionals from leading institutions, IGI Global publishes quality peer-reviewed content across 350+ topics in 11 core subject areas, including business, computer science, education, engineering, healthcare, social sciences, and more. With over 150,000+ industry-leading researchers and experts worldwide contributing to IGI Global’s publications, they ensure that each contains the most emerging and timeliest research. Learn more about IGI Global here.

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