Interview with Dr. Ashok Kumar Biswas detailing the creation and future of the official IJUDH Twitter account

Scrubs and Social Media: The IJUDH Twitter Story

By IGI Global on Apr 18, 2017
Introduction to the Official IJUDH Twitter AccountDr. Ashok Kumar Biswas
Dr. Ashok Kumar Biswas is a geriatric public health specialist for the Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to being a passionate volunteer and activist focused on motivating young doctors to choose medical research as a career, he is Editor-in-Chief of IGI Global’s International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare (IJUDH). His interests focus on geriatrics, gerontology, vitality, ageing, public health, global health issues, epidemiology and clinical epidemiology. His decision to deviate towards research from pure clinics came when he worked closely with the Indian Council of Medical Research from 2005-2011. As the Editor-in-Chief of IJUDH, he has taken to social media to promote his journal, including Facebook, LinkedIn and most notably, Twitter.

Biswas runs the official IJUDH Twitter and you can follow and interact with the account at @EiC_IJUDH. He believes that the interactive nature of Twitter will help expand the journal’s following.

He recently took time out of his busy schedule to collaborate with IGI Global about not only the creation of his Twitter account, but the future of it as well.
How did you get the idea to start this account?

I have determined and aimed myself to get IJUDH indexed at PubMed, for which I need to get more publicity. Twitter is easily reachable, which allows the public to interact and get their doubts clear in an open platform. Not everyone is good at writing formal emails or sending feedback on something wrong to the Journal. Rather, one would love to comment on a public platform to get publicity for himself, which in turn helps us. Twitter also allows faster and easier replying, which can be managed through a mobile phone. All these factors encouraged me to take this step ahead.

What information did you include when you started the Twitter account?

I just commenced in a simple, formal way with minimum information for our journal. Currently, I am using the journal's front page as a logo. I have also provided all possible and useful links for followers.

Can you please explain how you plan to use this account?

To be simple and answer you straight, I am using it with my personal mobile phone, and I am ready to respond to any tweet at any moment of the day, if I am free to reply. All announcements would be through that as well.

How often do you plan on posting?

Not fixed. It depends on the popularity and announcements.

If you could have anyone follow you on Twitter, who would it be? Why?

People related to science, and who wants to keep them updated on the same must follow this journal because we provide something more than usual topics.

In 140 characters or less, like a traditional tweet, what makes your journal so interesting?

IJUDH is one of the fastest growing journals with sufficient opportunities for newcomers as authors. Brings special articles every time.
A sincere thanks to Dr. Ashok Kumar Biswas for taking time to speak with IGI Global and for sharing his thoughts about joining Twitter to increase exposure for his journal. Please take a moment to follow the official IJUDH Twitter account and view his journal, the International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare.
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