Challenges in Ethics Education: A Process and Content Analysis offered for free access.

Is This the Solution to End the Contamination of Research?

By IGI Global on Sep 20, 2017
With last week’s International Peer Review Congress and Peer Review Week campaign, two concepts were on everyone’s mind, peer review and ethics. From ensuring research is being properly conducted to the ethical standard behind the peer review process, the main question was how can the industry ensure research is being properly vetted to ensure the highest quality of knowledge is being disseminated?

Across the industry, predatory publishing has been making its mark as many researchers are falling prey to unethical research and publishing practices. Predatory publishers are using the “pay-to-play” model and many researchers are either falling victim to this model or buying in due to the pressures of academia and the ambiguity of the industry. Thus, the problem that many are facing is ensuring that researchers and publishers are remaining ethical. Many are pointing to advocacy and education as the solution.

Access “Challenges in Ethics Education: A Process and Content Analysis” by Dr. Chi Anyansi-Archibong (North Carolina A&T State University, USA) to understand the effectiveness of ethics education and to learn the answer to such questions as:

  • Can ethics be taught?
  • If so, how and what should be taught?
  • How do individuals acquire morals and how is morality measured?
  • And more.

This chapter is also featured in Contemporary Issues Surrounding Ethical Research Methods and Practice which identifies the impact of globalization, advanced technology and international collaboration on ethical research methods and practice. This comprehensive reference work serves as a critical resource for institutions, organizations and individuals seeking further understanding of ethical research practices.

To learn more about the dangers of predatory publishing and what researchers, publishers, librarians and content distributors can do to end this contamination, please see IGI Global’s Executive Editor’s, Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, seminar, "Maintaining the Integrity of Scientific Knowledge Content: Collaborative Efforts Among Librarians, Researchers, Publishers and Content Distributors," below.

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