Some Great Leaders Are Born, But Others Can Be Taught: Hear From Expert Dr. Jason Jackson

By IGI Global on Jun 26, 2019
ijepr Great leadership is paramount when it comes to the success of any one organization. Even though there are numerous traits and defining characteristics of leaders, one variable remains constant which is the positive role that science can play in shaping great leaders. From conducting case studies to developing extensive and robust approaches pertaining to varying aspects of inspiring individuals, leadership decision-making, ethical approaches to management, and management education, the 2019 inaugural journal, International Journal of Responsible Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making (IJRLEDM), led by Dr. Jason Jackson, Director of the Jackson Research Institute, USA, provides insight on his recently released journal and the crucial research he intends to spotlight in an IGI Global interview.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise are senior leadership decision-making, mechanisms for coping with information overload, military veterans within the context of business environments, project management, data science, and supply chain management.

What lead to your decision of becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Responsible Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making?

I was approached by IGI Global, after having been a member of another IGI Global journal editorial board for 8 years. The publisher mentioned that my prior editorial experience was a good fit to be an Editor-in-Chief for a new journal and provided an opportunity for me to create a journal that filled a gap in research publications. I proposed the new journal be focused on ethics, leadership, and decision-making. After the standard vetting process, the creation of the International Journal of Responsible Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making (IJRLEDM) was approved. I am proud that we will be creating a new journal to provide opportunity to advance science applied to business in these areas. As a bi-annual journal, we are currently accepting submissions, and our first edition is now available in print and electronic format and contains useful studies supportive of leadership, ethics, decision-making, cognition, and neuroscience within diverse environments.

What research areas will IJRLEDM cover and how will this journal stand out in the field of research?

Fortunately, leadership, ethics, and decision-making offer for diverse opportunities. These can be contentious topics, and that is one reason why we are ensuring the journal remains independent from any single academic institution. I am the Director for the Jackson Research Institute, a new institute for independent scientific research focused on science applied to business. We are standing up a longitudinal panel focused on military veterans. Additionally, I am a professor and full-time faculty member at Purdue University Global, where I lead the new supply chain management concentration.
As I build our editorial board, I am seeking academics and professionals that are experts in these fields to include dynamic experiences from many perspectives in many areas of business. The board will primarily by comprised of members with terminal degrees: PhD, DBA, MD, and JD; however, we will also have some experts from the industry. Additionally, I will be balancing the board, with no more than two individuals from any given organization. This balance and independence, plus the double-blind peer review process, will help ensure we move research forward in a positive unbiased manner.

Who will benefit most from this research?

The goal of any journal should be that society benefit most from the research, along with the fields of theoretical and applied knowledge within the context of science and business. Scientists, academics, and practitioners benefit from the research, writing, and publication process; as we continue to learn from this important work helping society.

Why should researchers contribute to this journal?

IJRLEDM provides a new opportunity and voice of independent scientific research focused on the important areas of ethics, leadership, and decision-making. If a researcher has dedicated substantial quality effort trying to move the field forward via their research, and wants to share this research via publication, they should consider IJRLEDM for an unbiased, credible, double-blind peer review publishing process. We are looking for diverse input from various professional domains focused on these topics, we also appreciate various research methods, qualitative and quantitative.
We would like to thank Dr. Jason Jackson for sharing his insights regarding the crossroads of leadership within business and the role that science and practical application can play. For more information on IJRLEDM or to submit a paper to this journal, please visit the journal’s webpage.
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