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A UN Study Reports Alarming Statistics and Major Setbacks For Women in the Global Workforce

By Caroline Campbell on Mar 3, 2021
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With March 8th being International Women’s Day and many celebrating Women’s History Month, countries around the world are celebrating the achievements of women across industries and focusing on women in leadership. However, a recent report by the United Nations (UN) showcases that women have been disproportionality affected during the pandemic. This report was conducted across 38 countries and found:

  • 2x the number of women are now outside of the labor force, men in the same situation, with Latin America reporting the highest disparity (83 million women outside of the labor force vs. 40 million men).
  • 33% of women report an increase in time doing domestic work, as well as caring for elderly and ill family members vs. 26% of men.
  • In Europe and Central Asia, 15% of women lost their jobs with another 41% now facing reduced paid working hours.
  • In the Arab States, although women before the pandemic spent nearly 5x the amount of time on domestic work, an increased number reported experiencing or fear of domestic violence.

This report is causing concern as the result can lead to a greater gender disparity than ever before and showcases that women “face a double burden – trying to keep their jobs and sources of income while dealing with rising unpaid care and domestic work demands.”

Understanding the importance of this topic, Profs. Amanda Richards and Don Richards (University of Tennessee, Knocksville, USA) discuss these trends, as well as how to create a sustainable co-working framework in their chapter, “Building a Framework to Achieve Work-Life Balance: Advice From a Co-Working Couple” from The Emotional Self at Work in Higher Education (IGI Global).

The Emotional Self at Work in Higher Education
Profs. Ingrid Ruffin and Charissa Powell (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA)
Copyright: 2021 | Pages: 302 | ISBN: 9781799835196 | EISBN: 9781799835219

This publication is an essential research publication that generates conversations around the practical implementation of healthy emotional workspace practices in the sphere of higher education and investigates tools, frameworks, and case studies that can create a sustainable and healthy work environment...Learn More.

The Term “Work-Life balance” has become something a buzzword in our culture today. The term itself is creating quite a bit of controversy over what it is and what it is not, as well as how to achieve this ideal. A quick Google search offers up thousands of results on how to create the perfect work-life balance: including what that balance should look like, a wide range of definitions of what that balance should ultimately include, all of the reasons why it is so important, and conversely why it is an unattainable fiction (Afful, 2013; Eddington, Hughes-Kirchubel, & Buzzanell, 2019; Lester, 2015; Moen & Sweet, 2002; Philipsen, & Bostic, 2010; Sirgy, & Lee, 2018). For the purposes of this chapter, work-life balance is defined by the authors as the personal feelings of emotional and mental stability that comes from having realistic expectations of personal limits, a willingness to be emotionally reflective, and creating healthy boundaries between work life and home life. No system is perfect, and a single framework cannot fit the needs of each individual. Instead, this chapter aims to present reflective questions that will lead the reader to a better understanding of self, and at the very least, offer a starting point to develop personal routines, habits, and communication styles for co-working couples.

The Authors

In order to better understand the viewpoint in which this chapter is written, it might be useful to get to know us and our specific backgrounds. We would like to start by acknowledging the privileges that come from writing this chapter in the perspective of a White, middle-class, and heterosexual married couple. This no doubt plays a role in the way we operate professionally and personally. We have been a couple since 2005 and married since 2010, so at the writing of this chapter, that is just shy of 15 years. We are also parents to two boys (aged four and six), have two dogs, a laundry list of hobbies, elementary school, and preschool events, and attempt to enjoy the multitude of experiences that Knoxville has to offer to young families such as ours. Needless to say, there is always a lot to try and balance.

We both geared our careers toward academia early on; Don towards technology and software programming, Amanda towards libraries and preservation, so we have on more than one occasion worked within the same institution but not the same department. However, starting January 2018, that changed when we began working within the same department at the John C. Hodges library at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. This campus is the flagship campus for the state university system and a 225-year-old land grant Institution. The library itself employs roughly 70 full-time staff and faculty members.

Amanda works in the Betsy B. Creekmore Special Collections and University Archives department as the Preservation Technician. This role oversees collection care for Special Collections in addition to care and repair of materials from several other on-campus libraries. Her duties include book repairs, building custom housings for collection materials, monitoring and assessing building climates, assessing materials for and assisting with digitization, supervising and training students, as well as everything that falls under the “other duties as assigned” category.

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Understanding the need for research around this topic, this research is featured in the The Emotional Self at Work in Higher Education (IGI Global). This is an essential research publication that generates conversations around the practical implementation of healthy emotional workspace practices in the sphere of higher education and investigates tools, frameworks, and case studies that can create a sustainable and healthy work environment. It moves beyond addressing emotional intelligence to addressing the awakening of a greater sense of the emotional self.

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Women and Leadership in Higher Education During Global Crises
Profs. Heidi L. Schnackenberg (State University of New York at Plattsburgh, USA) and Denise A. Simard (State University of New York at Plattsburgh, USA)
Copyright: 2021 | Pages: 335 | ISBN: 9781799864912 | EISBN: 9781799864936

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Macro and Micro-Level Issues Surrounding Women in the Workforce
Prof. Başak Uçanok Tan (Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey)
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Hispanic Women/Latina Leaders Overcoming Barriers in Higher Education
Prof. Daisy Indira Barrón (Missouri State University, USA)
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This title explores the recruitment, promotion, retention process, and the barriers and resilience needed for Hispanic women/Latinas in higher education leadership roles. The chapters use data collected via a qualitative, phenomenological research study including open-ended interviews, field notes, biographical questionnaires, and a researcher’s reflective journal.

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