“Fifty Shades of Dark Stories” offered for free access.

Take a Walk on the Dark Side: 50 Shades of Dark Tourism

By Caroline Campbell on Jul 26, 2017
Skull Often when people go on vacation, they are jet-setting to tropical locations full of sunshine and Pina Coladas or strolling through bustling cities full of lights and life. But some choose the dark side when planning their rest-and-relaxation. From genocide camps to cemeteries, citizens are embarking on journeys that blend history with the shock of horror and violence, creating a push for what has been dubbed as “dark tourism”.

Focusing on destinations associated with death and tragedy, dark tourism has increased in popularity and gained a significant following in the twenty-first century. Prof. Lea Kunik, from the University of Maribor, explains the motives behind this phenomenon in “Fifty Shades of Dark Stories”, an innovative article that explores the methods that can be utilized to capitalize upon this distinctive tourism. The study focuses on the different types of dark tourism, programs that can be designed to attract tourists, and how it is evolving globally.

To learn more about dark tourism, access:“Fifty Shades of Dark Stories” for free now.

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