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Technology vs. Ecology: The Ongoing Struggle between Man and Nature

By IGI Global on Jul 29, 2013
Prof. Robert A. Schultz Developing technologies of the last 250 years have exacerbated enormous conflict with the ecosystem. While modern technology treats everything as a resource, an ecosystem encourages cyclic inner-dependencies and self-sustainability. The products and by-products of modern technology are typically either toxic or incompatible with the complexities of an ecosystem.

The August edition of IGI Global’s Online Educational Symposium Series, presented by Professor Robert A. Schultz of the University of Oregon, will explore how technology and ecology are intrinsically related, as well as the origins of technology and human separation from the ecosystem. Although human beings are part of nature, they are seriously damaging the ecosystem, our support system. This discussion will address technological possibilities for strategic alignment with the ecosystem, encouraging a new consciousness among consumers.

This symposium is based on Professor Schultz's forthcoming publication Technology versus Ecology: Human Superiority and the Ongoing Conflict with Nature.

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Robert A. Schultz received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard University in 1971. His dissertation in ethics was under the direction of John Rawls. He was a member of the philosophy faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, Cornell University, and the University of Southern California, and taught courses and published articles and reviews in the fields of ethics, logic, and aesthetics. In 1980, he assumed the position of data processing manager at A-Mark Precious Metals, a Forbes 500 company, then in Beverly Hills, CA. From 1989 through 2007, he was professor and chair of computer information systems and director of academic computing at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA. He has numerous publications and presentations in the areas of database design, IT education, and the philosophy of technology. His previous book, Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Information Technology, was published by IRM Press (an imprint of IGI Global) in 2006. He retired and was awarded an emeritus professorship at Woodbury University in 2008. He continues to teach and publish in the areas of IT and ethics and taught an online course on this topic in the Applied Information Management Program at the University of Oregon in early 2009.
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