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Technology Innovation Spotlight: EGYPT

By IGI Global on Nov 29, 2017
Technology Innovation Spotlight: EGYPT

Egypt hosted the earliest forms of technology in a number of fields including astronomy, mathematics, medicine, language and architecture. Many of these technologies are still used today, and now, innovation is at the heart of the country as technology remains a cornerstone of it's culture. IGI Global is proud to work closely with esteemed researchers in Egypt.

With over 375 contributors to IGI Global's forward-thinking books and 102 contributors to the pioneered research contained within IGI Global's journals, Egyptian authors and editors advance and support the quality of academic content. From Cairo University to the Arab Academy for Science, top-trending research includes computer science, engineering and surveillance and security.

IGI Global strives to ensure that the content its Egyptian contributors provide is disseminated expeditiously through all international channels. As a part of this responsibility, we turn to our partners Preferred Distributor-Eurospan Group, The Middle East Readers’ Information Center (MERIC), Modern Academic Bookshop and Baccah Information Technology.

For more information on research pertaining to Egypt, please click here. Also, check out the top titles from Egyptian contributors:

International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering and TechnologyApplied Video Processing in Surveillance and Monitoring SystemsInnovative Research and Applications in Next-Generation High Performance Computing

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