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Technology Innovation Spotlight: ITALY

By IGI Global on Aug 2, 2017
Technology Innovation Spotlight: ITALY

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With nearly 60 percent of their exports in machinery, technology and related industries, Italy is becoming a technological superpower. IGI Global is proud to publish the research of the experts spanning the country.

From the Universita di Milano Bicocca to Insituto Nazional di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, over 5,000 Italian professionals, researchers, students and librarians have contributed to IGI Global publications. Of these editors and authors, over 3,000 have contributed content for IGI Global’s innovative books and 2,000+ have provided cutting-edge content for IGI Global journals. Additionally, coupled with Italy’s technological focus, 108 of our Italian affiliates have contributed to IGI Global’s cornerstone publication, the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition, making them one of the largest country-specific groups that contributed to the publication.

These contributors have produced the most cutting-edge research in emerging industries including spatial navigation, architectural heritage, cloud computing and sports management.

As one of the most active demographics, IGI Global’s Italian contributors are committed to disseminating their work and are highly active within their research community. They host book launches, present at conferences and create cross-channel communications in support of their publications. Recently, Francisco Cipolla-Ficarra promoted his publication, Technology-Enhanced Human Interaction in Modern Society, at International Symposium CCGIDIS in Italy on July 3-5.

In addition to the active contributors, IGI Global is proud to partner with the preferred distributor--Eurospan Group and journal subscription agency, Celdes s.r.l. Booksellers, who help ensure IGI Global’s publications are disseminated to the widest global audience.

For more information on research pertaining to Italy, please click here. Also, check out the top titles from Italian contributors:

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