Telecentres and ICTs Bring Hope and Growth to Developing Nations

By IGI Global on Nov 18, 2011
The Tanzanian government is currently working on a project to begin building 3,000 telecentres in underserved parts of that country, according to reporter Al-amani Mutarubukwa in a recent article in The Citizen. The goal of the project is to narrow the digital divide between urban and rural areas and to offer services to under-serviced areas through providing access to ICT tools such as the Internet, fax machines, and telephones. Authorities hope that the telecentres will stimulate growth through providing access to credible information on sectors such as agriculture, education, health, rural energy, e-government, and social welfare.

ICTs have the potential to make a huge impact on developing countries such as Tanzania. Not only can ICTs be used to integrate rural communities into wider economic and social development, but digital technologies can also be used to enhance and preserve the knowledge and culture of rural communities.

New research is needed in the area of ICTs and developing nations to help governments, non-profit organizations, and other interested parties effectively develop and implement ICT strategies in developing countries. This need is being fulfilled in one of IGI Global's newest releases, Cases on Developing Countries and ICT Integration: Rural Community Development, edited by Rebecca Nthogo Lekoko, University of Botswana, Botswana, and Ladislaus M. Semali, Pennsylvania State University, USA.Cases on Developing Countries and ICT Integration: Rural Community Development

This reference pools together experts' experiences on ICT integration in rural community development within the context of developing countries. The technology they used is described, analyzed, and synthesized in order to offer solutions for successful application. This premier reference source is ideal for the community development workers, social workers, scholars, researchers, non-profit leaders, and policymakers of today and the future, and is highly recommended for use in the classroom.

The 19 essential teaching case studies contained in this publication bring together experts in developed and developing nations to address essential issues through real scenarios and their outcomes. Students can learn through the stories, successes, and missteps of others as they prepare for the future of ICTs in developing areas of the world. For more information on this publication, including a detailed table of contents and a sample PDF of each case, please visit

Selected case studies contained in this publication include:

Interested in reviewing this book for potential adoption for your course? U.S.- and Canada-based instructors can request a complimentary e-book examination copy of Cases on Developing Countries and ICT Integration: Rural Community Development or almost any other IGI Global book at The case studies contained in this book are also available for purchase individually for personal use or for use in the classroom. To learn more about the IGI Global Teaching Case Collection, visit, or any professor worldwide can visit to request a complimentary examination copy of any individual case study!

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