New Open Access Journal Works to Facilitate Critical Research on Metabolic Diseases and Disorders

Understanding Metabolic Diseases and the Impact of Formula Shortages on Children and Adults

By IGI Global Open Access Division on Jul 5, 2022
While the formula shortage in the United States that began in 2022 has undoubtedly placed a heavy weight of worry and stress among those with infants who depend on it, it is not as widely known that children of various ages, as well as adults, also depend on it for their wellbeing and daily nutritional needs.
In such cases, these children and adults experience a variety of ailments, including malformed bowels, allergies, and complications processing nutrients like protein, which is where certain brands of formula come into play.
Most infants can often switch from one formula to the other without too much of a burden to the parents. However, there are some infants, children, and adults who can only use one specific brand of formula on the daily. For some though, the switch to a poorly chosen substitute, or whatever they can find during this shortage, can prompt side effects such as taste sensitivity, dehydration, seizures, and even death.
One specific brand of formula, Abbott, is commonly used by those who require specially formulated powders, started experiencing shortages in February 2022 after a bacterial contamination in the plant in Michigan was found and they needed to issue a mass voluntary recall of their products. Production was halted for several months and then started back up in early June, only to be met with severe storms which led to flooding inside of the plant, forcing further delay of the production of new formula by several more weeks.
The United States government is currently prioritizing specialty formula for those with rare metabolic disorders. Regardless of age, the shortage of formula has impacted so many people. And problems such as these impact people all over the world, not just in the United States.
While the formula shortage is only the latest obstacle to hurdle when it comes to healthcare for those of all ages, our changing world and lifestyle has only supplied more hardships to public health and the prevalence of metabolic diseases.
Shedding light on critical research that can aid in finding treatments and solutions for those with various metabolic diseases and disorders is Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD), a platinum open access journal set to launch in January 2023. GMD’s aim is to facilitate and expand the knowledge and research that surrounds metabolic diseases and disorders, including those who face complications with nutrition supplements, neuroendocrine and metabolic disorders, diabetes, and overall public health.
Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD)
Published in Partnership with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China
Open Access Funding Provided by Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China

Prof. Jiao Guo (Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China)
Published: Continuous Volume | Established: 2023 | EISSN: 2831-4689
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GMD is published by IGI Global in partnership with the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China who is funding the open access publication of the journal. IGI Global invites researchers to submit their research that will progress clinical and scientific research on the identification, prevention, control, and treatment of metabolic diseases and disorders. Because the journal is fully funded, authors are not required to pay an open access article processing charge (APC).
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