Working Together to Convert Full Books to Open Access

By IGI Global Open Access Division on Nov 7, 2022
In scholarly publishing, open access (OA) has become widely associated with journal publishing, but what many do not realize is that OA models are also available for full book publishing, even if the book was originally published behind a paywall.
Benefits of Publishing Open Access with IGI Global
  • Affordable APCs (much lower than the industry average)
  • Rigorous & Expediate Publishing
  • Networking & Collaboration
  • Acceleration of Citation Impact
  • Increased Discoverability
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The OA model for books is beneficial as it makes all the work (all chapters within the book) freely and immediately available online without any reading or subscription fees, a great benefit to researchers, academicians, and students. It aids with the discoverability and citation impact of the book, thus allowing the research to be used and further expanded upon. Due to their wide availability, OA books have an increased potential of being indexed in top indexes including Scopus and Web of Science Book Citation Index and they can also benefit from increased exposure in thousands of open access repositories and directories hosted all over the world.
Book publications can be moved through or converted to open access at any time, whether it’s at the point of:
  • The initial proposal of a new book publication for consideration under OA
  • Deciding to convert a book project to OA during the development period
  • Converting the book publication to OA after it has already been released
    • To propose a new book project for consideration under OA, authors and editors would first submit a book proposal for consideration. For those who might be interested in converting a book project to OA while it is already contracted and in the development period, they can contact their development editor to express their interest in converting the work to OA. For books that have already been published and are currently behind a paywall, authors and editors wishing to retrospectively convert their previously published books to OA can contact IGI Global’s open access team (at and the OA team will gladly work through the process with them.
      OA Retro Books Regardless of the point of conversion to OA, an open access book processing charge (BPC) will be requested before the work can be formally released under the OA model. Open Access book processing charges (BPCs) vary depending on the length of the work and the copyright year. BPCs offset all of the costs associated with producing, hosting, and promoting the work. A book can only be considered fully open access if every chapter within is open access. Whether a book is authored or edited, there are wonderful opportunities for collaborations to crowdfund the costs associated with open access. For authored books, authors can seek to recruit funds from their institutions/universities, or an outside funding body. Edited publications have the benefit of each chapter contributor prospectively helping to seek funding for one or more of their chapters, and of course the editors can also seek funding from their institutions/universities, or an outside funding body. Any IGI Global contributor who has earned royalties or honorariums on their projects can use the amount toward unlocking one or more of their previously published book chapters or full book projects. Also, IGI Global contributors can utilize an exclusive open access processing charge discount of 20% off chapter processing charges (CPCs) – for both newly accepted and retrospective conversions. Authors can easily open up their previously published chapters to OA by accessing them in their personal library and purchasing retrospective open access. Once payment is received the work will promptly be moved into IGI Global’s production environment to have the Creative Commons license assigned to it and then the work will be openly available on the IGI Global database platform and website and then of course can be freely distributed by the authors/editors however they see fit.
      To further support authors and editors with OA funding, IGI Global offers a number of programs to engage institutions in helping to fund open access research. Information regarding various funding resources and IGI Global’s OA Agreements and Transformative Options can be viewed here. It is important to note that funding does not have to come from any one particular source and can be a blend of funding bodies. Also, crowdfunding platforms can be tremendously helpful in seeking funding for full book publications (for instance Kickstarter and are specifically designed to engage readers and provide funding to support publications).
      This year, IGI Global had the pleasure of releasing its first open access book publication: Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications, which was published under open access through IGI Global's Transformative Open Access Initiative with the University of North Texas, USA.
      Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications
      Prof. Daniel Gelaw Alemneh (University of North Texas, USA)
      ©2022 | 300 pgs. | EISBN: 9781799898078
      • Published under Platinum OA through IGI Global’s
        Transformative OA Initiative
      • Suitable for Educators, Researchers, Library Professionals, & More
      • Covers Topics such as Open Education Resources, Scholarly
        Communications, & Equity
      • Excellent Addition to Your Institution’s Library
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      We invite you to contact for more information on how to start the process of converting your previously published work to OA.
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