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Russia spaceflight strengthens the connections between business and space
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Faulty Design Costs Trillions Of Dollars, And Sometimes Even Lives
Commerce in Space: Infrastructures, Technologies, and Applications
Will Government Budget
Competition in the space industry is nothing new. Kick-started with the Space Race in 1957, the global contest of dominating space became a universal focus, concerning not only technological and ideological superiority, but also concepts of nationalism and security.
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Thinking Machines and the Philosophy of Computer Science: Concepts and Principles
Space travel and the resulting technologies have had a vast impact on society. Mr. Elliot Holokauahi Pulham, Chief Executive Officer for the international Space Foundation recently testified before a Senate subcommittee that he felt that the space economy today is dominated by the commercial sector, not government.
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Marketing interplanetary exploration? A topic that was once nothing more than a futuristic thought is becoming a major consideration in economic growth.
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In the ever-expanding fields of software technologies, computer science and engineering, new concepts and topics are constantly being developed and expanded upon.
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