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Technology is an integral part of everyday life and society is extremely reliant on it to carry out even the most basic of daily tasks. Technology is becoming increasingly more intelligent and continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, a speed that outmatches the rate at which new technological innovations are being published.
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Dr. Sudip Paul shares fascinating insights into his research in his edited publication, which examines medical applications of artificial intelligence and faster methods of diagnosing neurological disorders.
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Tech companies are expanding around the world to improve their AI technology
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AI experts share their expertise on the controversies surrounding the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence
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Pitfalls Of Smart Investment Predictions With Artificial Intelligence
Maximizing Your Publication's Potential
Communication in Transportation Systems
IBM's New Computer Chip Copies Brain Function
Fruit Of The Future
Robotics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Covers Topics on Industrial Informatics, Global Business, Operations & Service Management, e-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
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Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge and Sheffield are working on a new project over the next five years to develop new voice-activated devices that interact with people in a natural and intelligent way.
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