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Students’ motivation will increase with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research
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Prof. Megan Lowe explains her recent publication focusing on the emotional dimensions of librarianship
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Dr. Ross
Prof. Taiwo
IGI Global Interviewed Dr. Brian Galli on Improving Productivity and Performance.
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Dr. Gupta shares his thoughts on the importance of cyber security in the digital age
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NSTL takes advantage of the IGI Global's new Open Access Initiative.
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Prof. Pinheiro
"In my daily life, I see an increasing number of teachers who are concerned about how to improve their teaching abilities, how to define what teaching encompasses, and how to understand the students they are teaching and helping grow into productive citizens and workers."
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Dr. Johnson
"I have no doubt that students, faculty, scholar practitioners and other independent researchers can benefit greatly from insights offered in these sources and texts."
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Dr. Bartolacci
"Forty-three percent of the participants tried to access someone else’s account without their knowledge and 13 percent did it for malevolent reasons."
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Dr. Hojjat
Dr. Hojjat
"For the news media, a damaged relationship with Millennials can impact popularity and profitability of broadcasts."
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Prof. Balandin
Prof. Balandin share his insight on his IGI Global journal, International Journal of Embedded and Real-Time Communication Systems
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Prof. Rouzbehani shares her insights on research trends she identified in her field.
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