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Scientists believe that stem cell research has the potential to reveal treatments for a variety of human illnesses. According to, researchers at New York University Medical Center, in partnership with the Israeli company Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. hope to test whether stem cells from human placentas can help relieve Diabetic ulcers, a common complication of diabetes which can necessitate amputation.
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Hearing loss has long been a feared side effect of aging, but physicians in Maryland, USA have recently discovered a possible link that could make hearing loss an even larger concern.
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As the number of uses for smartphones continually increases, a rising trend in healthcare-related apps is becoming apparent. An estimated 65.7 million people in the United States are helping to care for older or disabled relatives, and many smartphone apps have been created to help these people monitor their family members.
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Have you ever worried that medical treatments are not being effective? Biomedical Engineering researchers at Drexel University are taking steps to allow diabetic patients a bit more assurance that healing tactics are worth the cost, effort, and time.
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Studies of biomedical technologies and devices at the University of Buffalo have found a new platform in which to be shared. National Grid, an energy provider company catering to the Northeastern U.S., has invested $250,000 into developing an interactive system between industry and academia, called the Access Grid.
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The successful creation and implementation of effective business information systems is critical to an organization's success and productivity. This statement rings true for any business that hopes to remain competitive in today's markets.
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"Grid Analysis of Radiological Data" from the Handbook of Research on Computational Grid Technologies for Life Sciences, Biomedicine, and Healthcare, was agreed on by an expert panel of reviewers as IGI Global's best medical information science discoveries research book chapter of 2009.
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It's time to mark your calendars. The Second Workshop on Service oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering is being held on October 25th 2010 in Vitória, Brazil.
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