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Expert IGI Global Editors Share Their Insight Into Publishing Educational Research
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In any classroom, students are inevitability learning at different paces and therefore needing different amounts of reinforcement and explanation.
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IGI Global would like to thank Shalin Hai-Jew for contributing this article outlining how faculty can use lecture capture tools to enhance their online instruction. Dr. Hai-Jew's newest publication, Constructing Self-Discovery Learning Spaces Online: Scaffolding and Decision Making Technologies, will become available this Winter.
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As incoming students become more and more reliant upon mobile technologies and web-based resources to accomplish their daily activities, established colleges and universities face new challenges as they try to accommodate student needs.
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Integrating technologies into classroom exercises can provide distinct advantages for educators, but choosing which device or software will advance and not hinder learning can prove challenging.
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No two students are alike and new technologies are reflecting that. Students are entering classrooms with a broad range of disabilities ranging from physical, educational, and/or emotional.
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Although online education is becoming an important long-term strategy for higher learning instructors, blended learning is expected to become an even more significant approach to teaching in the future.
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Wikis are fast becoming one of the easiest server software pieces to use. They can be found in more than 180,000 of today's classrooms. A wiki is a Web site that allows visitors to freely make changes, contributions, and /or corrections.
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