IGI Global is now making it easier than ever for authors to convert their previously published subscription-based (standard access) content to open access (OA).
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Through the University of North Texas’ investment in IGI Global e-Collections, the institution was able to support publishing the Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications, edited by Dr. Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, from this institution, under diamond OA. Additionally, this initiative is providing unlimited OA article processing charge and chapter processing charge waivers for their institution.
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To maintain strict ethical standards, the double-blind peer review is a key step in IGI Global’s publishing process for both books and journals.
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Whether serving on a review board for an academic publication or contributing to that publication as an author, it is of the utmost importance that any academic or professional affiliation that is tied to your published work and/or review activities be as accurate as possible.
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Indexing is of paramount importance in publishing, especially when it comes to journals. Driven by institutional mandates, university departments, and an insistence that faculty only receive credit when publishing in journals listed in specific indices, it is clear that indexing has become a necessity for the survival of a journal.
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With open access (OA) taking academic publishing by storm, authors often find themselves having to convert their form of currency to that of what the publisher accepts when trying to pay OA article processing charges (APCs) and chapter processing charges (CPCs).
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As we settle into the new year, it is important to stay up to date on the everchanging research trends and emerging concepts rocking the academic world.
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There are many ways to work with IGI Global including submitting a book proposal, journal proposal, or special issue proposal, or becoming a reviewer.
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With the continuing upheaval in the job market of employees leaving en-masse, many are familiar with a chorus of employers asking, “Why?”
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Success in Open Access (OA) publishing does not just stem from published OA works, but the metadata infrastructure that works behind the scenes to ensure maximum optimization of accessibility of open and freely available publications.
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As open access (OA) is continually on the rise, OA business models are transforming and becoming more diverse.
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When submitting an article or chapter manuscript to any publication, there are lots of items that authors must check off their list to ensure that there are no hiccups that could potentially cause a delay or halt in publication.
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For those of you who may not already know me, my name is Melissa Wagner and I have recently been promoted to serve as the new Vice President of Editorial for IGI Global.
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Edited books are currently one of the most popular book formats due to their ability to house varied and diverse perspectives on a central theme, making them a valuable acquisition to libraries worldwide. However, edited books rely completely on an editor’s ability to recruit enough relevant submissions to fulfill the requisite number of chapters needed to produce a high-quality title.
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Completing an academic reference book is a major accomplishment and milestone in a researcher’s career. It is hoped that at the official release of the book, the Editor or Author finally gets the opportunity to see their hard work rewarded as other researchers and scholars start implementing the book into their own research.
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As of January 2022, IGI Global began including line-by-line English language copy editing and proofreading as part of the service offering associated with paid open access Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs), significantly helping authors polish their work and put their best foot forward as their manuscripts become freely accessible to the world.
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The digital world is rapidly changing and there is a substantial amount of data and information being shared online all over the world, creating a critical need for simultaneous security and privacy applications. Blockchain technology is transforming the way we do business and is helping to significantly reduce costs and boost efficiency, while also interacting with cyber security and enhancing the security of shared data, making it difficult or impossible to hack or cheat the system.
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As you may already know, in January 2022 I was named as the new President of IGI Global publishing house, a great honor. I am enthusiastically ready to tackle many challenges currently facing the publishing industry and independent publishers during these ever-changing times.
In response to the ongoing shift to remote education, I have been conducting a series of interviews with leading industry experts, research scientists, and university professors. In this interview series, we seek to explore research-based principles, emerging trends and initiatives for driving student engagement and success in online courses.
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You’ve heard of full journals receiving OA funding support, but did you know that if you are guest editing an OA special issue, that it is entirely possible to receive full OA funding on the special issue-level? Oftentimes, when OA funding has not yet been secured for the full journal, there is success in obtaining OA funding on a smaller scale, for a set number of articles (typically a special themed issue), which can then later put the full journal one step closing to becoming platinum.
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