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Dr. Johnson
"I have no doubt that students, faculty, scholar practitioners and other independent researchers can benefit greatly from insights offered in these sources and texts."
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American Academy of Management
Australian Business Deans Council Journal Quality List
Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management
Maximizing Your Publication's Potential
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Understanding Consumer Behavior and Consumption Experience
Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
Big Data, Big Problems
Interview With John Wang
Bryan Christiansen Of Prymarke, LLC, Speaks On Publishing And His Forthcoming Publications
Emerging Business Opportunities in Africa: Market Entry, Competitive Strategy, and the Promotion of Foreign Direct Investments
Big Brother is Watching
Privacy on the Line
Casa Asia
"Business, Technology and Knowledge Management in Asia: Trends and Innovation" and "Advancing Technologies for Asian Business and Economics: Information Management Developments" Titles Recommended by Casa Asia
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Business-Technology-Solution is a fully-searchable, customizable database that provides access to all chapters included in IGI Global books that offer unique, interdisciplinary business research in accounting and finance information management, business and organizational research, as well as business and the environment--just to name a few.
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Stock values fluctuate on a daily basis, and accurate predictions regarding the direction and force of these changes are essential to making a profit in this volatile market.
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This significant collection of 17 scholarly titles covers topics on supply networks, neural networks, computational intelligence, economic forecasting, and business continuity. It is well suited for researchers and professionals interested in business intelligence technologies and their practical applications, as well as policymakers in business organizations and government systems.
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Prospects of social unrest or sporadic incidents of violence are extremely plausible as the U.S. economic crisis is spiraling at a rate unseen since the Great Depression.
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