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Petya, Cyber Security, Virus, Malware
wannacry, cybersecurity, ransomware, computer hack
Why Online Communities Are Suspicious Of Law Enforcement
Spinny Orange Ball
Interview with Michael A. Goedeker of Hacker Defense Network, USA
Judiciary-Friendly Forensics of Software Copyright Infringement
Interview With Vinod Polpaya Bhattathiripad
International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS)
Theory and Practice of Cryptography Solutions for Secure Information Systems
Article in the Journal of Database Management (JDM) Shows Hows Databases Can Cut Crime
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Security technologies help keep us secure from acts of terror, whether implemented in the physical or cyber world, and safeguard us from criminal activity online.
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McAfee Labs has released a list describing what they foresee as the top cybersecurity threats for 2011.
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This timely collection of 18 scholarly titles covers topics on cyber warfare and terrorism, digital crime and forensics, and information security and privacy. It is well suited for academic and professional researchers, government officials, military professionals, and industry consultants.
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The malls are not the only crowded places during the holiday season. The internet shopping numbers are projected to be the highest in recent years.
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