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Library Enhancement: Convert Print Books to E-Books
Promotion for libraries to create more space by replacing print books with e-books
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IGI Global Profiles Digital Library Programmer Devin Higgins Of Michigan State University
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Special Library Administration, Standardization and Technological Integration
American Reference Books Annual (ARBA)
Libraries vs. Publishers: The Battle Over E-Books
The advent of e-books and their increasing popularity has created friction between libraries and publishers
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Is Digital Technology the New Wave of Stupid?
One of the key requirements of the digital age is information literacy. As John Palfrey and Urs Gasser explain in their 2010 book Born Digital, "The digital world offers new opportunities to those who know how to avail themselves of them.
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Librarians worldwide are increasingly adopting modern technologies to enhance the accessibility and reference value of their research collections.
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IGI Global's Director of Print Sales & Marketing, Beth Ardner, and Assistant Director of Marketing for Electronic Resources, Liz Myers, met with one of the winners of their Academic Librarian Sponsorship Program at ALA Annual.
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E-book readers were a hot gift for the 2010 holiday season, and public libraries are now finding it important to integrate more digital media into their stacks in order to remain modern and relevant to readers in 2011 and beyond.
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This past week, IGI Global hosted two panels at the 30th Annual Charleston Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina.
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We are living in a digital world where a single click of the mouse can take you anywhere. Whether it's for research or for leisure, we have gained an access to information that was unheard of years ago.
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Recently, IGI Global attended The American Library Association 2010 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. where they featured two exemplary journals, the International Journal of Digital Library Systems and the International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence.
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Cambridge University Library recently announced that it wants to become the digital library for the world, making more than seven million books available online.
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