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Higher education expert shares her expertise on the benefits of studying abroad
Assessing the educational practices of today with Dr. Donna Velliaris
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Dr. Ross
Higher Education Has Always Come at a High Cost
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Prof. Pinheiro
"In my daily life, I see an increasing number of teachers who are concerned about how to improve their teaching abilities, how to define what teaching encompasses, and how to understand the students they are teaching and helping grow into productive citizens and workers."
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“The deeply ingrained, systemic issues formulate much of the cultural bias faced by women pursuing their careers in a traditionally patriarchal system.”
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The academic publisher exhibits at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting
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Dr. Brown speaks on his professional journey and future aspirations in an exclusive IGI Global interview
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Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise
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Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise on grammar
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Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise on the impact family-school-community play in education
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IGI Global contributors discuss competency-based learning as a way of encouraging the joy of learning.
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The implications of digitizing writing in the classroom
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