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Emerging Research Trends
Ena Bhattacharyya shares her extensive knowledge on the topic of new media communication skills
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IGI Global Announces New 2018 Journals
Technology Innovation Profile Series
Premier Research Titles Indexed By INSPEC
INSPEC's database contains over 14 million abstracts and specialized indexing to quality research literature in physics and engineering
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Dr. Patrick Keleher
Dr. Patrick Keleher, university lecturer and IGI Global editor, has recently been traveling the globe, presenting keynote presentations focusing upon his research in authentic learning strategies relating to Work Integrated Learning.
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Each issue of IGI Global's Quarterly Journal Newsletter will "Spotlight" a successful journal that adds to the surrounding scholarly debate and provides excellent research on a variety of topics.
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Students learn large swathes of material in college designed to prepare them for the workforce and to make them competitive in the global economy.
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In a time when job security means more than ever, engineering graduates can breathe a bit easier, according to Monster Worldwide, Inc.
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