“Ghosting” not only happens in the dating sphere, but in the everyday workforce
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Global Academic Publisher Looks Forward to Showcasing Research in BIBF and IFLA Conference
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Higher Education Has Always Come at a High Cost
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Prof. Taiwo
"IGI Global, an international academic publishing company, recently released a new subscription-based offering titled InfoSci-OnDemand Plus"
IGI Global Interviewed Dr. Brian Galli on Improving Productivity and Performance.
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Gupta Photo
Dr. Gupta shares his thoughts on the importance of cyber security in the digital age
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IGI Global participates in the 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Business and ManagementConferencesAOM
Book cover image
Prof. Rahman shares his thoughts on the development of cloud computing in Latin America
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Research TrendsInterviewLatin & South America
Environmental practices in Sweden are legally and socially required
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Social business models show positive outcome in society, even in the healthcare industry
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NSTL takes advantage of the IGI Global's new Open Access Initiative.
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Tech companies are expanding around the world to improve their AI technology
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Computer Science and Information TechnologyArtificial Intelligence
Dr. Afolabi believes that online education should not only be accessible, but also creative.
Dr. Constantine Passaris explains the creation of Internetization in the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
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IGI Global was excited to attend and interact with librarians of various universities and institutions
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ConferencesALA Annual
IGI Global’s InfoSci-OnDemand Plus, Open Access Initiative, and Engineering Publications are Showcased in Salt Lake City
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