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An interview with Dr. Cristina Portalés and Dr. Marcos Fernández regarding the booming popularity and future of virtual and augmented reality
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Are Majority of Voters Emotionally Driven During Election Season?
“Virtual Environments, Online Racial Discrimination, and Adjustment among a Diverse, School-Based Sample of Adolescents” offered for free access
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Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
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Game Theory Framework Applied to Wireless Communication Networks
Interdisciplinary Models and Tools for Serious Games: Emerging Concepts and Future Directions
Living The Game
The Truth About Video Games
Nerds Are Crushing The Competition
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American Reference Books Annual (ARBA)
International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS)
Learning From Violence- Analyzing Outcomes Of “Training” Video Games
New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration
Games for Health
Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, Senior Educational Researcher at the Wheeling Jesuit University Center for Educationa lTechnologies ® and NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future™ (COTF) in Wheeling, WV, applies cognitive science theory to the design of learning environments and technology tools.
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Video game playing is a popular activity and its enjoyment among players has been associated with absorption and immersion experiences.
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