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IGI Global contributors discuss competency-based learning as a way of encouraging the joy of learning.
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IGI Global editors discuss the STEAM education curriculum.
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International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach
Professor Kljajic was an Emeritus Professor of Theory of Systems and Modeling and Simulation at the Faculty for Organization Sciences in Kranj
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IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Cases on Research-Based Teaching Methods in Science Education
Taking the White out of Blackboard
The Art Of Academic Peer Reviewing
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Are science and design natural partners? Authors of a case study recently published by IGI Global demonstrate how a pencil holder design project gave new life to a group of Singapore students' understanding of physics, helping this group of academically-challenged students embrace scientific principles.
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Calling all current teachers, aspiring teachers, education professors, and other education professionals! Developing your teaching skills is a lifelong process, and with all of the different tips and techniques available, there is a lot to learn about and to try in the classroom.
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Often, the development team building an online course curriculum on a federal or state-funded grant is not building for the main instructor. There may be a number of subject matter experts (SMEs) serving as informants on such a project.
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In higher education, instructional designers are starting to look at how to design digital learning objects that are accessible on mobile devices in ubiquitous environments.
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IGI Global would like to thank Shalin Hai-Jew for contributing this article regarding the security concerns that instructors, and the rest of the public, face when traveling or handling sensitive material.
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Now that online courses have been around for a while, there's an overwhelming need for them to be revised and improved.
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