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For over 35 years, IGI Global has strived to provide exemplary support to the academic community with a mission that continues to seek to embrace underrepresented researchers and ensure that they too are provided with an outlet in which to share their perspectives and research findings.
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As of 2023, IGI Global has transitioned its full journal collection to open access. While open access allows for free and immediate access to published research without paywalls or restrictions, the process of publishing open access work incurs certain costs. Publishers invest significant time and resources to ensure the quality and integrity of open access research. This article explains the concept of OA processing charges, their necessity, and provides information on funding options.
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In scholarly publishing, open access (OA) has become widely associated with journal publishing, but what many do not realize is that OA models are also available for full book publishing, even if the book was originally published behind a paywall.
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To support our valuable stakeholders in furthering their understanding of IGI Global’s Open Access Publishing Program, we are pleased to share IGI Global’s Open Access Brochure.
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According to Web of Science, the Eigenfactor was introduced back in 2006 as an alternative way of deciphering a journal’s impact, as well as building upon the idea of the Journal Impact Factor (JIF).
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As copyright law and open sharing of information have been major topics of discussion among the academic community, many authors do not know how or if they can share their work freely and how copyright law may restrict the resharing of research.
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One of IGI Global’s premier open access journals, the International Journal of Information Retrieval Research (IJIRR), aims to provide a platform for academics and researchers to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in areas of information science, information retrieval, and computer science.
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Every week IGI Global releases an ample volume of open access (OA) content into the open research community, including scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and more recently full OA books. Now, more than ever, it is critical that those freely accessible manuscripts become disseminated and discoverable as is their intended use.
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In the present state of the world, we have found that research into diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) is urgently needed. Researchers all over the world play a critical role in progressing findings that can have an extraordinary impact.
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With 2023 just around the corner, IGI Global reflects back on 2022 and the many firsts we embarked on in open access publishing.
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