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IGI Global Interviewed Dr. Brian Galli on Improving Productivity and Performance.
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Dr. Bartolacci
"Forty-three percent of the participants tried to access someone else’s account without their knowledge and 13 percent did it for malevolent reasons."
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Dr. Crews
Dr. Gordon Crews interviews with IGI Global to discuss latest research surrounding school shootings.
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Dr. Brown speaks on his professional journey and future aspirations in an exclusive IGI Global interview
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IGI Global's E-Resources Collaborates with ER&L to Enhance Libraries
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Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew discusses the information that can be gathered by researching selfies.
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Come join IGI Global at the upcoming Charleston Conference on Nov. 6-11
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IGI Global takes part in the 2017 Peer Review Week
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Scholarly Publishing
IGI Global looks at how the scholarly publishing industry has changed in recent years.
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Dr. Michael Brown Sr. educates individuals on the value of emotional intelligence in leadership, while also recognizing the setbacks typically associated with it
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American Academy of Management
Flint's Contamination Crisis Continues
The Flint water crisis exposure and ongoing measures to rectify the tragic situation
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IGI Global's Regional Innovation Spotlight features the science and technology advancements of our research affiliates and partners worldwide
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Tornado Touch Down in East Texas
Two IGI Global Editors-in-Chief discuss the multiple tornadoes in east Texas on April 29
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