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Higher education expert shares her expertise on the benefits of studying abroad
Dr. Hojjat
Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise
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Dr. James McKee shares his expertise on the link between strategic planning and organizational success.
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grammar mistakes
Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise on grammar
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Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her expertise on the impact family-school-community play in education
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The implications of digitizing writing in the classroom
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Dr. Donna Velliaris shares her content expertise on trending topics in education
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Dr. Donna Velliaris Speaks on Cheating in the 21st Century
The Editor of the Handbook of Research on Academic Misconduct in Higher Education speaks on the future of academic integrity
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Impact Of Meat Consumption On Health And Environmental Sustainability Selected As
Technology Innovation Spotlight: OCEANIA
IGI Global's Regional Innovation Spotlight features the science and technology advancements of our research affiliates and partners world-wide
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Australian Business Deans Council Journal Quality List
Medical and Educational Perspectives on Nonverbal Learning Disability in Children and Young Adults
Barbara Rissman speaks on her personal experience with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) and her new book "Medical and Educational Perspectives on Nonverbal Learning Disability in Children and Young Adults"
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Consumer Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Online Health Care Programs
IGI Global Speaks With Dr. David Taniar On Maintaining The Coveted Impact Factor
Spinny Orange Ball
Open Learning and Formal Credentialing in Higher Education: Curriculum Models and Institutional Policies
Improving Health Management through Clinical Decision Support Systems