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IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
The Robot Apocalypse In Libraries
IPremier Research Journals Now Indexed In Scopus
Robots Replacing Humans? There's A Chance A Humanoid Could Become Your Next Best Friend
Robotics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Edward Iglesias
Robots which can sense, think, and act form an increasing component of our modern society.
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What does it really mean to love? Scientists at the National University of Singapore are working on a new project that is coming up against that question. The team's mission is to create the possibility of love between a human and a robot.
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In the ever-expanding fields of software technologies, computer science and engineering, new concepts and topics are constantly being developed and expanded upon.
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Remember Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter? To refresh your memory, Jennings became famous on the US television quiz show, Jeopardy!, after winning 74 consecutive shows and setting the record for the longest winning streak.
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You may not often hear the words "sensitive" and "robot" in the same sentence, but scientists are currently developing a sensitive artificial skin that could be used on robots, among a variety of other applications.
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As a leader in dissemination of innovative technological research, IGI Global offers an expansive range of titles adaptable for course use.
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